Progressive Metal Band Halogram Releases New Single “Obsolete Future”

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On the 17th of January 2020, Halogram released their new single “Obsolete Future”. The song has been produced by the band, mixed and mastered by the swedish producer Buster Odeholm (Impact Studios) who has also worked with big bands such as Born Of Osiris.

HALOGRAM is a project of the Spanish guitarist Javier Iglesias and the bassist Dani Mourinho; they met in 2001 and played together touring with different bands all around Spain for 2 years. Later on, Daniel move to London (UK) to broaden his musical experiences within the British music scene while Javier continued his career as a professional touring musician in Spain.

Despite the distance, the two musicians maintained contact. In 2017, Javier and Daniel came back together to give shape to some musical ideas. This is how the project HALOGRAM was born. After the release of the first singles, they approached Periphery’s producer Ermin Hamidovic, who gladly accepted to mix their track “The Falling Man.”

Since the release of “The Falling Man” and their single “Symphony Of Regret,” the band started to get noticed in the Progressive Metal/Djent community which encouraged them to keep working together. The future looks bright for the band as forthcoming collaborations with the drummer Kevin J Sawka (Pendulum, Destroid, Illenium) have been confirmed.

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