James Clark Hangover Releases New Single “It’s Alright Now”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By James Clark Hangover*

A conversation with my producer Jordon Zadorozny inspired the lyrics to “It’s Alright Now,” the first single from my album, There’s A Wolf On My Street, released March 27th.

Jordon and I discussed song lyrics that tell stories as opposed to merely painting pictures, and I set about crafting my own. The story of “It’s Alright Now” is about the human spirit and the quest of contentment, with reference to the late Chris Cornell.

Chris was the inspiration for “the king” referred to in the song: “If the king wants to die, where’s the hope for the peasant?” There is hope in the last verse communicated through a reference to Led Zeppelin: “There are two roads to choose, there’s no time like the present.”

I want you to shake your tail feathers when you hear this song and if you can hear the lyrics and process them, that’s even better.

Thanks for listening,

James Clark Hangover





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