Brian Mietz Wrestles With Weezer On “Glue”

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Brian Mietz “Glue” Single

With his solo debut released on March 2nd, South Jersey’s Brian Mietz has released another single from Panzarotti. “Glue” finds Brian dissecting his love/hate relationship with Weezer. “The song is about not liking new Weezer albums. It was written during Rattitude era Weezer.  The lyrics are full of Weezer references. That’s the buddy and the holly on that song. I won’t be mad at Rivers Cuomo if he hears it and turns it off 20 seconds in and says he likes old Brian Mietz better.” You can listen to “Glue” at The Key WXPN. Panzarotti released on Monday, March 2nd via Sludge People. 



Brian Mietz might not be a familiar name ,but if you dig a little deeper you’ll find that he is very much entrenched in New Jersey’s flourishing music scene. Perhaps you’ve seen his album art for bands such as By Surprise, Sleep In, Aspiga, and The Only Ghost In Town. Maybe you’ve seen his name attached to poster art for bands like Guided By Voices, Braid, or The Early November. Truth is, when Brian isn’t making artwork for dozens of musical groups, he is spending time creating music in various projects. These projects include The Not Fur Longs, Cabana Wear, It’s A King Thing, and now his own solo adventure under his namesake. His debut LP, Panzarotti, is named after a South Jersey delicacy that is a warm deep fried pocket of dough full of gooey cheese and pizza sauce. Think of a bigger pizza roll but way bigger and more delicious. The album is made up of ten tracks that clock in at about 22 minutes long which makes for a very easy listening experience. The music is built upon jangly guitars, keyboards, and Brian’s signature tongue in cheek lyrics. Much like a Panzarotti this album is full of treats and I bet that you could eat one Panzarotti in the same amount of time it would take you to listen to this entire release. So go ahead and do that.

Before Brian Mietz saw his first punk show, he ate a panzarotti at Franco’s Place in Westmont, NJ. He looked very punk in his Charlotte Hornet’s Starter coat. There’s something special about the melding of cheese and music. A song can make someone melt like cheese if they think it’s a very delicious song. Panzarotti is an album with very delicious songs. There’s a little sauce and there’s a little cheese and that’s what makes Panzarotti so delicious. The album was recorded at Westmont Station with the tutelage and help of Pete Donnelly (The Figgs). Ingredients mixed at Sleep Audio by Eric McNelis and mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House Recording. To love a food is to learn the song that is in their shell and sing them to people. Cassette tapes available through Sludge People.

Release Date: March 2nd, 2020
Label: Sludge People
Formats: Digital/Tape
Instagram: @brianmietz

Cover Art:

Brian Mietz

Album Info:

Recorded at Westmont Station by Brian Mietz and Pete Donnelly (The Figgs)
Mixed at Sleep Audio by Eric McNelis
Mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House

Brian Mietz

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