Gareth Inkster Releases New Single “Used To It”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Gareth Inkster*

My new song, “Used to It,” was written in the immediate aftermath of a breakup.

I got home, and could feel myself anticipating the inevitable fallout – the weight of realization hadn’t settled yet.


The image came to mind of an unfortunate soul who had been tied to the tracks while a train was approaching, like in those old westerns; safe for now, but ultimately screwed.


I sung the song’s first stanza from the perspective of a benevolent but helpless consoler, which began to help the track take shape.


I self-produced “Used to It,” using auxiliary percussion noises and an acoustic grand piano to capture my desired sound. While its lyrics are opaquely sad, even despairing, it was important to me to create a steady feel throughout.


During the song’s writing, I was essentially trying to articulate what I was going through so that I could take it out of my head, as it were, and look at it from different angles – study it.


If you are going through the ringer like I was during the writing of “Used to It,” I hope this song can help you along in your processing, like it did for me.


Gareth Inkster
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