The Deadnotes’ New Album ‘Courage’ Out Now Via 22Lives Records

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Freiburg, Germany-based indie-punk trio THE DEADNOTES have released the astonishing new album “Courage” via the band’s own newly-established label 22Lives Records.

Stream the album in full here:

A new music video for the latest single “Ghost On The Ceiling” will be debuting in the days ahead.

“Ghost On The Ceiling” is about rash decision making, numbing your feelings and only seemingly solving problems. It‘s about always taking the easy way out of tricky situations instead of facing yourself and the fears of taking the difficult path of long-term healing. It was the last song we wrote for the album. The former version had a super long and jazzy bridge part which we then cut out last minute in the studio because we wanted it to create an intense experience with a short and compact song-structure.”- The Deadnotes

Recorded at Crooked Rain Recording Studios in Leeds, “Courage” was produced by Bob Cooper (WSTR, Ducking Punches, Nervus), mixed by Beau Burchell (Saosin, The Bronx), and mastered by Mike Kalajian (Saosin, Prawn, Bouncing Souls).

The DEADNOTES’ European/UK Courage Tour 2020 kicked off on February 27. Tickets are on sale now at See dates below.


Let’s be honest: There aren’t many rational reasons to run a rock band nowadays. The places where guitar-driven music is present and popular like the press live clubs and even the internet are fading away on a daily basis. And don’t even think about making money with your music.

But what should you do when everything inside you screams and strives to do it anyway?

Writing songs, expressing your inner-self, touring for weeks without knowing if you can afford it.

All of these negative thoughts are forgotten the moment you start listening to “Makeup,“ the opener from the second THE DEADNOTES album “Courage,“ which pulls you straight into one of the most remarkable albums of the year.

The fervency with which Darius Lohmüller, Yannic Arens and Jakob Walheim pursue the band is simply contagious.

In a band where the average age of its members is only about 23, it would be total nonsense to refer to “Courage“ as a “grown-up and mature album“ but band-years work differently than human-years. The three members were just 15 years old when they started playing on stage as THE DEADNOTES. Since then they traveled through 25 European countries and played over 500 shows. So it’s no wonder that they’re ahead of their time (and age) and that their output has an artistic depth which only a few are able to reach.

Their biggest trump is their experience on stage. This experience does not only make THE DEADNOTES an incredibly breathtaking live band with its puzzling success in sounding so massive and overwhelming even though they are only a three-piece. It gives them something so unique, something so special other bands would sell their inner organs for: Their own sound.

Phrases such as “Sounds like“ – or “For fans of“ are unnecessary when describing what you can expect from “Courage.“ Whether packaged as catchy hymns or songs with a complex structure: the lyrics of vocalist Darius are close to the pulse of his generation. Like the album title suggests, “Courage“ is the essential subject on which he reflects on from different perspectives.

“Thanks to the band I was able to speak to numerous and different types of people around the world and I learned so much about what moves them and about their fears,“ he states.

“Encouraged by this I reflected a lot about myself, admitted and accepted the wrong decisions I had made. Because of this, I could draw the courage to face my challenging situations and problems with hope and the needed and confidence in myself.“

This extensive dispute leads to the lyrics on “Courage“ being far more than just teenage-angst-rhetoric which we have already heard hundreds of times before. Whether it’s consumerism (“Cling to You“), pre-installed beauty ideals and gender equality (“Makeup“) or relationships (“Get Lost Get Found,“ “Fickle Fake Friends“) the band’s message is clear, smart and woke: You’re Beautiful, just the way you are! It’s okay to be imperfect! Take care of each other!

The powerful “Ghost on the Ceiling“ deals with hastily made decisions for the sake of a calm conscience but on the contrary, only leads to a displacement of your problems rather than a solution to them. This path of least resistance might be tempting for young people nowadays but surely is not the right one to achieve happiness in the long run. A consequence thereof mental health is an important topic for the band.

“In the last nine years of our band’s history, there have been many situations that have strained our psyche pretty extremely. It’s been something we’ve also noticed a lot in our surroundings, especially among friends who are musicians themselves or who work in the music industry, we observed that more and more people simply can’t go on anymore“ the band states regarding to their song “Never Perfect“ in which they want to draw attention to these problems. “We want to encourage everyone affected to listen to, to talk to and to help each other in every way possible and last but not least to seek professional help if needed.“

THE DEADNOTES let actions follow their words by collecting donations running several campaigns for the charity organizations “Ni9ht H3lps“ and “Help Musicians / Music Minds Matter.“

The closing song “Hopeless Romantic“ unifies the band’s message on “Courage.“ It’s a song for the here and now, a beacon for the good and the courage to approach each other.

The album “Courage“ was recorded in three stages by Bob Cooper in Leeds, UK. Of course, they went on tour between the sessions again and again. Whether as a support act for bands like Foxing or This Dangerous Summer or on own headline-tours across all of Europe.

Cooper is not a producer who forces his own sound ideas upon the band. He is one of those who become a part of the band during the recording process. He pushes all members to excellence with his way of working. He worked out the right effect pedals, the perfect snare and the ideal dynamic in each song. Thereby the wealth in detail on “Courage“ is enormous but always stays conducive to the song. The album then was mixed by the US-producer Beau Burchell and mastering engineer Mike Kalajian and ensured that THE DEADNOTES doesn’t sound like a German band at any point.

You actually have to be crazy to play in a rock band in which you really want to achieve something nowadays. But on the contrary in addition to doing exactly that, THE DEADNOTES have founded their own label and will be distributing their music themselves. They book their own tours and arrange their own artworks.

How lovely can it be to still find bands like this existing nowadays. Bands that you can’t just sort out or classify. Bands in which the content forms something whole. How encouraging is it that young people are so committed to their art. This courage should be rewarded.

“Courage” by THE DEADNOTES is out now via 22Lives Records (Indigo / The Orchard).

THE DEADNOTES is collecting donations for Ni9ht H3lps – Mental Health Support

Help Musicians / Music Minds Matter

“Courage“ – Tracklist
01. Makeup
02. Never Perfect
03. Ghost on the Ceiling
04. Cling to You
05. Failsafe
06. Functionality
07. I Must Have Been Blind
08. Fickle Fake Friend
09. Get Lost, Get Found
10. Hopeless Romantic

THE DEADNOTES – “Courage” Tour 2020

Limited Hardtickets:


17.03. FRA – Rouen, Le 3 Pièces
18.03. FRA – Bordeaux, Le Fiacre
19.03. FRA – Toulouse, La Cave à Rock
20.03. FRA – Lyon, L’Ambuscade
21.03. FRA – Paris, Le Gambetta Club
15.04. UK – Nottingham, Alberts
16.04. UK – Glasgow, Bloc+
17.04. UK – Manchester, Gullivers NQ
18.04. UK – Leeds, LS6 Café
19.04. UK – London, The Old Blue Last

Tourposter ALL DATES INSTA 2
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Album art

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Single art

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