Bay Area Instrumental Rockers Unconditional Arms Debut New Track (“You’re Just As Desperate”) Off Upcoming Album ‘Formation’ Out April 3rd Via Sell The Heart Records

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“Finding the sweet spot between post-punk and post-rock…wonderfully succinct and propulsive. Thunderous drums, chill-inducing guitars …the track is plenty inspiring and repeated listens prove a must.”- PopMatters

“…riveting instrumental post rock.”- Brooklynvegan

“…wastes no time drawing you in, only to hit you like a miscalculated wave.”- The Bay Bridged

“…exemplifies post-rock at its best, tracks that are dynamic, melodic, complex, and emotive.”- KQED Arts


Oakland, CA post-rock band Unconditional Arms is debuting a new track (“You’re Just As Desperate”) off the upcoming album ‘Formation’ out April 3rd on Bay Area indie label Sell The Heart Records – run by Andy Pohl of Tsunami Bomb.

Unconditional Arms is a brainchild of musician Jeff Wright (The American Scene, Compltr). The band also consists of drummer Ross Traver of Wavves, Randy Staat, former Prawn member Corey Reily and Max Senna of Oakland noise outfit Facet.

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“For years, I had every intention of making a second full-length record for Unconditional Arms. As time went on, the band progressed in ways the made me lose sight of my original vision for the project. In addition, when I wrote and recorded Kinship I was twenty-two years old, living in a slumlord- owned loft in West Oakland that I paid cash under the table for, working roughly 3-4 days a week until the wee hours of the morning. I did not carry 10% of the responsibilities that I do today. Time, madness, logistics and honestly a seed of hopelessness for the project set in and I was unable to move forward in the way I wanted to. I felt lost. I developed some other projects to explore those feelings in the interim, of which I still participate in, but I could never shake the feeling that I did something to Unconditional Arms that I never wanted to do: I turned it into a regular band, rather than a meaningful project.

“Formation“ is the culmination of many things, but more so a reflection of my flawed ideation of compassion. An auditory exploration of my constant grapple with time, relationships and responsibility. It is a gift that I have wanted but did not have the knowledge to receive. A love letter to my growth.”

– Jeff Wright

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 10.52.10 AM

Album art by Charles Vincent

Unconditional Arms – “Formation”

Release Date: April 3rd, 2020


Just Ask Someone

Bad Day No Reason



You’re Just As Desperate



Westbrae Sunrise

Album notes:

Mixed + Mastered by Scott Goodrich

Recorded at Nu Tone Studios, Secret Bathroom (RIP), Peermusic LA, Scott and Jeff’s house

Engineered by Scott Goodrich, Andrew Oswald, Kenny Tye and Jeff Wright

Performed by Jeff Wright and Ross Traver

Additional Performances and Writing Collaboration from Randy Staat, Christopher Sturm and Tyler Thalken on Bad Day No Reason, Drenched, and Carcinogen. Piano on Westbrae Sunrise written and performed by Julie Lydell. Additional aux percussion, synth, and texture performed by Scott Goodrich.


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