Significant Other Releases New Single “Downtime”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Significant Other*

Stream my new single, “Downtime,”
on SoundCloud or Spotify now.

Watch the live performance on YouTube.

Downtime” is a song that comes from a quiet meditative state, surrounds the mood of a solitary Sunday and talks about fragility, letting go and living in a moment alone.

I’ve been trying to capture the mood for years of that type of day where you only talk to yourself, and one day (on a Sunday) home alone, sitting down at the piano and it just clicked. “Downtime” was really what gave me the confidence to re-examine the songs and pieces I had written over 5 years of being out of music, since leaving my old band, and to consider getting back into recording & playing live.


Kimberlite, my forthcoming debut album released under the moniker Significant Other, is built from the output of a brain constantly seeking serotonin while overanalyzing every incoming and outgoing signal from the past years. I’ve finally decided to step away from the collective songwriting I did with my last project, Inlet Sound, and towards solitary musings that are vulnerable and unapologetic.


As the new decade rears its head, it seems as though it is time to bear the fruits of my labour. “Downtime” is equally fragile as a concept – have too little and you’re running like a chicken with its head cut off, have too much and you get lost in reflection.


I think I bottled the feeling I was looking for in this song.


Michael Wexler // Significant Other


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