Music Bugle Exclusive – Q & A – Aris Louziotis Of Serenity Broken

Photo courtesy of Angels PR.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

Alternative Metal/Hard Rock unit Serenity Broken have been a consistent staple in Athens, Greece since their 2010 formation. In 2012, they released their debut full-length ‘Commercial Suicide,’ which garnered widespread critical acclaim, worldwide airplay and domestic television appearances.

They followed up in 2013 with an all-acoustic three-track EP ‘Live ‘N’ Unplugged’ and released the digital single “Savior” two years later, which gave fans a sense of what would come from the band.

In 2017, Serenity Broken came out with their second full-length, ‘RE/Define,’ notable for the appearance of George Kollias (Nile) on drums. It was mixed and mastered by Ahti Kortelainen (Sentenced, Sonata Arctica, Nightfall) at Tico Tico Studios.

Serenity Broken’s current lineup is Vocalist Aris Louziotis, Guitarists Andreas Papadopoulos and Marios Methenitis and Bassist Chris Kollias. With 4,000 Facebook Likes and a new band logo recently unveiled, the group continues to roll on with momentum.

The Music Bugle recently had the chance to chat with Louziotis about the band’s music and other recent happenings.


Music Bugle – How would you describe the metal/rock scene in Greece?

Aris Louziotis – In the past few years, there has been an underground scene forming that’s about to explode! There are lots of great bands that are trying to make some very good music. It’s pretty hard though, because Greece is a country where rock and metal have always been more underground, as is the case around the world at the moment.


Music Bugle – With 10 years since your formation, what’s one lesson you’ve learned as a group?

Aris Louziotis – Nothing comes for free and you gotta put down real sweat to get stuff done! Apart from that, I can’t think of anything else. We are slow learners! (Laughs) 


Music Bugle – Looking back on your first full-length ‘Commercial Suicide,’ where does it rank on your discography?

Aris Louziotis – ‘Commercial Suicide’ was an album where we didn’t really have any direction of where it could go musically, so it is a lot more diverse or even raw than say, ‘RE/Define.’ With ‘RE/Define,’ we tried to simplify things.


Music Bugle – Where was your most memorable moment onstage?

Aris Louziotis – (Laughs) I remember one time, when we were finishing up our set, I saw Andy’s guitar flying across like, five inches away from my face. It ended up on our drummer! There are so many memorable moments, but the one that always gets me is when people sing along to a song.


Music Bugle – What’s your goal headed into a live performance?

Aris Louziotis – Energy, good vibes, sweat and rock the hell out of the place. We try to be as real as possible, but at the same time, put on a kickass show. Every night is different, but in a good way.


Music Bugle – Describe your creative process for your album ‘RE/Define.’ What inspired the name?

Aris Louziotis – Everything starts with a riff or a melody. I have never set out to write a specific song. It’s just what comes to my head when I pick up a guitar or when I’m driving down the street humming. When we set out to record ‘RE/Define,’ we really wanted to simplify things. Our process has always been the same. Someone brings in an idea or even a whole song and we add or subtract parts. We try not to be a one man band. Everyone’s ideas are important. The name came out of us wanting to set it apart from ‘Commercial Suicide’ as a completely different record. I like having fresh material that is not the same thing over and over again.


Music Bugle – What would you call your most meaningful song/set of lyrics?

Aris Louziotis – My lyrics are about everyday experiences and feelings. I don’t think that anyone can really say what feeling or experience is most important to them. I am sure that we can all say that we don’t want to be hurt or disappointed, but then again, it’s those experiences that make us who we are. When I write a song, the lyrics usually end up being what I am going through at that particular time.


Music Bugle – What musicians/bands helped shape your group’s sound?

Aris Louziotis – I think its the diversity of what we listen to that have shaped our sound. For example, I love Alice In Chains and Andy is more of a pure metal machine, so it’s this mixture between grunge and metal that has influenced us.


Music Bugle – What are your future plans?

Aris Louziotis – We are currently in pre-production for our new album, which is going to be killer! As soon as that is done, we are hitting the road!


Music Bugle – What’s something you think people should know about the band?

Aris Louziotis – We like to drink beer.

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