Who Can Sleep Release New Single “All Your Love”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Mora/May Agency*

Who Can Sleep are an indie folk- pop duo based in California. Having met while sharing a bill at the historic El Cid venue in Silverlake, Dean Vivirito and Lex Helgerson quickly discovered a spark, both musically and romantically. Vivirito wanted to start a project that wouldn’t be held back by labels or genres and so the two set out with the intention to create a contemporary sound that is both fresh and diverse. Combining ethereal instrumentation, country tinged guitars and stunning vocal harmonies, the project entitled Who Can Sleep is a cross-genre exploration of sound.

Helgerson composes heartfelt, candid lyrics as a vehicle for stories of inspiration. Who Can Sleep’s latest single “All Your Love” started as a dream. The songwriter instantly jotted down her visions when she woke up, painting a beautiful kaleidoscope of sounds and lyrics. Helgerson confides on the meaning of the song, “Dean is very selfless in our relationship. He inspires me to be more generous, and sometimes I wonder if I give enough. I wanted to express the feeling that I might not be giving as much as I receive.” The contemplative track shimmers with soft, floating vocals, delicately twangy guitars and gentle percussion. Vivirito shares, “I distinctly remember while rehearsing the song, we were working on the tempo and groove and it was too fast. I told Lex the listener should be reminded of that post-sex feeling”. 

The duo are heavily inspired by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, so much so that they recently covered Side A of his seminal Born in the USA album. The two also find inspiration from great country classics, as well as modern tastemakers such- Billie Eilish, Blood Orange and Childish Gambino. 


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