Havoc Faction Return With A Powerful Release On ‘Welcome To The Fight’ Reissue

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Havoc Faction Return With A Powerful Release On “Welcome To The Fight” Reissue

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Los Angeles based alternative rock project Havoc Faction are returning with the reissue of their EP “Welcome To The Fight.”

The EP tells the story of a character called Backdraft while exploring themes of perseverance, internal conflict, and standing up for what you believe in to make a positive impact on the world around you. Influenced by Starset, Thrice, and Thirty Seconds To Mars, Havoc Faction mix elements of various styles of rock music, and the newer songs on this reissue show the project’s experimentation with synths and electronic music.

Combining this variety of influences with a compelling story that sends relatable messages to the listener, “Welcome To The Fight” is a captivating, powerful and impactful release.

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“Welcome To The Fight – Reissue” is available now.


Welcome To The Fight

Dark Passenger

My Human Condition


Keyboard Warriors


My Human Condition (Synthwave Version)

Dark Passenger – Haunted Remix


About Havoc Faction:

A new alternative rock band with post-hardcore and grunge roots, Havoc Faction is a multimedia concept band with a science-fictional story that coincides with their music. Follow Backdraft and his group of vigilantes into the shadows of Unity City, the place they call home in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Havoc Faction is:

Kyle Rutchland (Backdraft) – Vocals


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