Piranha To Release 2020 Album After 16 Years Of Silence

Courtesy of Piranha Facebook page.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Piranha*

Historic Greek deathrashers Piranha signed a five-year contract with German record label 7hard Records after a year and a half of reunification. Their new release after 16 years of absence will be labeled ‘Arise From The Shadows.’ 

As the band has announced, it’ll be the most aggressive with a lot of atmospheric elements. The record company 7hard Records is the biggest branch of 7us Media Group and represents several bands of the world’s metal scene as well as major Greek bands such as Acid Death, Illusory, Evil Within and Voidnaut. 


Band Info: 





Piranha was formed in Greece in 1987. One of the oldest metal bands in Greece, they played death/thrash until their dissolution in 2001. Their style is a mix of fast drums, heavy aggressive riffs, hellish vocals and atmospheric melodies. They’ve released two demos and three records (LP & EP) from Molon Lave Records & Floga Records. In its 14-year active period in the Greek metal scene, the group played with many Greek bands like Septic Flesh, Acid Death, Nightfall, Flames, Death Courier, Selefice and major international names such as Destruction and Malevolent Creation. They reunited at the end of 2017 and are working on new material, taking part in several gigs and recorded some new songs for their upcoming album ‘Arise From The Shadows,’ to be released worldwide in 2020 and will be their most aggressive release ever. 



John: guitar/vocals, Kostas: bass, Dennis: guitars, Adreas: drums 

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