L’Homme Absurde Drop Third LP ‘Belong’ On Jan 17th, 2020

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Hailing from Moscow Russia, L’Homme Absurde play a captivating blend of post-black metal and metalcore that has been refined over multiple releases leading into their third LP, ‘Belong’ (Out Jan 17th). The band originally started as the solo project of A.S. and quickly evolved into a fully fledged live performance. Their name is in french and loosely means The Absurd Human/Man, it is taken from the philosophical work “The Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus. 

Their unique style has since become a staple of the Russian music scene with many bands following in their footsteps. It’s only a matter of time before their explosive energy and moody song writing takes over the west and redefines the popular post-black metal movement.

‘Belong’ is the third full length from L’Homme Absurde. This album features an expansive and intriguing soundscape flexing both black metal and hardcore stylings with a level of finesse most bands find hard to do with just one genre. It’s a mature record that cements the bands reputation as trailblazing musicians. Click here to see the official video for the titular track via YouTube.

Band Members:

Alexey Slavin – vocals,
Alexandr Safronov – guitar,
Roman Savenkov – guitar,
Pavel Gorshkov – bass,
Evgeny Loboda – drums.

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