Golden Cinema EP ‘Peachy Keen’ Out Now

Photo credit – Paul Atwood.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Auteur Research*

Based out of Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, Golden Cinema is a three-piece indie band with a penchant for summary melodies and bouncy rhythms.

Their new EP, “Peachy Keen,” is comprised of three songs. It’s their first EP and leans into moodier grooves and guitar chimes. It was released November 15th.

About the EP release:

“Our new “Peachy Keen EP” was recorded over the summer of 2019, with Derek and I recorded our parts on Prince Edward Island and Chris recording his guitar and vocals in Toronto. Due to working on a shoestring budget we weren’t all able to be in the same place, which started off feeling like a roadblock but ended up being a fun experiment!  After the basic recording was done we sent the songs to our mixer and long-time pal, Dan Griffin (Teen Ravine, Arkells), who added some killer synths and strings and mixed the hell out of it. Dan Weston, who Chris actually plays on a softball team with, mastered the songs which was exciting because he mixes and masters records for a lot of our favourite Canadian musicans, such as Daniel Romano. We’re thrilled with how the songs turned out and can’t wait to get back to work on more music. Maybe it’s finally time for a full length album…” – Andy

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