Mark Martyre’s Sixth Full-Length Album ‘Light Years’ Out Now

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Mark Martyre is a Canadian writer and musician. His prolific songwriting has produced 5 full-length studio albums since 2012. His sixth full length, Light Years, is now released!

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Hear the lead track ‘Wait’ on Soundcloud

More about the new album: 

“Light Years is my sixth record, and I didn’t think I’d be making another album after Rivers, at least not so soon. But, I guess the inspiration just came, and the songs were quickly born. In a way, it’s an extension of what’s come before.  This album features musicians who’ve appeared on previous albums, which maintains a consistent through-line. But it also has some new players, who added some new personality to the songs. When I think about it, the songs on my last album felt more like Summer, and this one feels more like Winter. 

I’m always more interested and feel more strongly about the newer material. There’s an immediate relevance to them. The older records, at this point, often feel like they were written by someone else. I play them as though I’m covering another artist. 
In the end, this record is different from the others, because I’m different than I was when the others were made. More of life has filtered through me. More love, more loss. More questions. A few answers. Some new ideas, and thoughts. More songs, more words.” 

You can find more info, photos, and social links here:

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