Damnationis Inks A Deal With Wormholedeath

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Wormholedeath*

Inks a Deal with Wormholedeath
Black/Death Symphonic Metal powerhouse Damnationis is thrilled to announce their signing with Wormholedeath RecordsThis exhilarating partnership heralds the reawakening of their magnum opus, “The Fallen Princess,” slated for re-release on December 12, 2023.

“The Fallen Princess” stands as a testament to Damnationis’ mastery, an album that beckons to Black Metal enthusiasts while weaving a captivating symphonic tapestry. Within its shadowy embrace, a melodic luminance emerges, setting it apart from its peers. It is a haunting journey that plunges listeners into a realm of romance, morbidity and esoteric allure.

Hailing from the mystical landscapes near Metz, France, DAMNATIONIS emerged from the abyss in 2018. Their journey began with an homage to classic Black Metal. Yet, their evolution led to the creation of a genre uniquely their own – Black Death Symphonic Metal. Their lyrical inspiration flows from the realms of Gothic literature, mythology and horror. Today, Damnationis reigns supreme on the Extreme Metal stage, boasting a formidable presence at festivals such as DEAD HOUSE FEST and sharing stages with global icons like NEGATOR, AGATHODAIMON and ZORNHEYM.

Their debut masterpiece, “THE FALLEN PRINCESS,” is a testament to their sonic craftsmanship. Mixed and mastered by the alchemists at HAVOC Studio, this album boasts ten tracks that delve into the darkest recesses of the human psyche. The album’s striking cover art is a collaborative triumph with Damian Augustyniak of GuzikArt, acclaimed for his work with giants like SLAYER, EXODUS and SABATON.

But that’s not all. DAMNATIONIS is poised to unveil a new single, “DARK SUCCUBUS,” a sinister reimagining of OZZY OSBOURNE’s classic “OVER THE MOUNTAIN” with a Black Metal twist. The cover art for this malevolent creation is courtesy of the brilliant Heino Brand, also known as hbrandr, renowned for his collaborations with WOLFHEART and KALMAH.
As we stand at the precipice of a new era for DAMNATIONIS, they are gearing up for live onslaughts that will shatter boundaries and transcend borders. Their mission? To conquer international stages at esteemed festivals across Europe.

Behold the Legion:

Patrice Bresson : Vocals
Stéphane Leonardi : Guitars
Jean-Philippe Piscione : Guitars
Adrien Martin: Bass
Jeremy Hubert: Drums
Cyrielle Mantini: Keyboards

To delve deeper into the world of DAMNATIONIS, follow their journey through the abyss:

Spotify : tinyurl.com/SpotifyDamnationis
Here is the cover and tracklist for “The Fallen Princess”:

1. Melkor Melody
2. Dominus…Spiritus…Satanas
3. Possession
4. Satan’s Prophecy
5. Path to Hell
6. Robber of Dream
7. The Fallen Princess
8. God is the Devil
9. Damnationis
10. Echoe of Azathoth


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