Fischer King Releases Live Performance Video For “Lost”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Laura V*

Los Angeles-based producer and composer Fischer King creates pitch-black alternative pop, with influences that range from James Blake and Nine Inch Nails to Claude Debussy and Herbie Hancock. As a child, he forged an early love for tense, bombastic classical music before diving headfirst into the punk rock and hip hop scenes that surrounded him in Detroit. After moving to LA as a young adult, Fischer has spent years working behind the glass for a host of artists, producers and directors, constantly absorbing inspiration and refining his sonic identity.

Released in the fall of a chaotic 2020, his debut self-titled EP epitomized what he calls “existential crisis pop”: familiar pop mechanics wrapped up in an often claustrophobic package and lyrically preoccupied with self-deception, addiction and rootlessness. Built around simple drum beats, pitch-shifted guitars and strings and synths that are always falling out of tune, the songwriter explained, “Ultimately, I wanted everything to feel just ever-so-slightly bent.” 

Fischer King has been featured on Fresh Finds and Earmilk, among others.

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