Music Bugle Exclusive – Q & A – Sunfall

Photo courtesy of Saviour Management.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

Revered for past bangers like “Industrial,” “Harakiri” and “Quiet Kid,” UK nu-core quartet Sunfall have enthralled the scene since their emergence, with praise from fans, playlist curators and media outlets alike.

In their time together, they’ve shared stages with the likes of Monuments, The Royal, Hacktivist, Martyr Defiled, Bound In Fear and Distant.

The Music Bugle had the chance to talk with the band about latest happenings and more, which you can check out below.

Music Bugle – How did you guys decide on the band name?

Ryan – The band name came from a collaborative effort between our vocalist Sam and Guitarist Oli. Sam being from Australia finds the sun very symbolic. From what I know, at the time of the band’s inception, he was missing Australia loads, so the sun was a symbol of that happiness he saw being back there for him. Then, Oli contributed the fall part as some sort of way to counter it and represent that fall away from happiness.

Music Bugle – What excites you the most about your style of music? 

Sam – What excites me most about our “style” is that we don’t have a set style. All the  music we put out have a unique sound and style to each track venturing into all  different styles of music. I also love how it gives me a lot of room as vocalist to try out many different styles of vocals. I can really get creative with it. Our ethos as a band is that we don’t want to be pigeonholed into  one type of sound and that we want it to be expected of us that our music will go in whatever direction we feel like going in.

Music Bugle – What is the biggest struggle in being a musical quartet? 

James – For us, it’s making our live sound as full as it can be. We’ve got it down pretty  good now, as our guitarist Oli runs his rig in-stereo, which is mimicking there being two guitarists on stage. He also runs a cab on either side of the stage so that the audience, no matter where they are standing, are also sonically getting the stage volume of a 5-piece.

Music Bugle – How would you describe the UK to someone who has never been  there before? 

Ryan – The UK is cold, wet and dark…. (Laughs) Well, the UK can be very nice. There is  a lot to see and experience here from a vibrant music scene to iconic locations such as London or the landscape up in Scotland. Believe it or not, we do have nice weather here too time to time.

Music Bugle – What has been you most memorable moment onstage?  

Oli – For me, one of our most memorable moments on stage was our last show with  Sam right before he initially moved back to Australia. For this set, we did a cover of  “These Colours Don’t Run” by Architects and when it reached to the point of the build-up to the breakdown, it was like magic. People had been singing along all night, but for me, it hit different hearing people singing along to us covering one of my most favorite songs. To hear everyone scream those pre-breakdown lines sent shivers down my spine.

Music Bugle – Who are you listening to right now, music wise? 

Oli – I am listening to a lot of Nova Twins, “Blackening”-era Machine Head, Limp Bizkit and movie soundtracks. I’ve really been drawn to the original “Blade Runner” soundtrack. There’s just something about it that I love and it’s made my driving playlist.

Music Bugle – Where do you go when you need a break? 

Oli – If I need a break, I either go straight to my bed or to the forest for a hike! (Laughs) They both provide a different kind of break and both are equally valuable in my eyes. My bed is my time to check out of reality and chill with some games or Netflix. A hike in the forest is my time to check out away from the stresses of life and just have some breathing room away from other humans.

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