Ivy Gold Releases Official Lyric Video For “House Of Cards”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Golden Ivy Records*

Ivy Gold
Broken Silence – album
Golden Ivy Records
26 May 2023

The female fronted bluesrock band feat. Manou, Tal Bergman (Joe Bonamassa, Billy Idol, Rock Candy Funk Party, a.m.m.), Sebastian Eder (Avalon), Kevin Moore (Jennifer Rush), Anders Olinder (Glenn Hughes) is back with a new stunning album!

“Ivy Gold’s ‘Broken Silence’ is a muscular rock album with funk, blues and gospel influences. File under groundbreaking contemporary rock of the highest order.” 

When a down-to-earth fairy named Manou meets four thoroughbred musicians, something special emerges, like “Broken Silence.” The creators of this long player are an extremely vital – passionately bursting with energy – quintet called Ivy Gold.
The five consists of the already mentioned front woman Manou. She is joined by guitarist and “musical director” Sebastian Eder, drummer Tal Bergman, bassist Kevin Moore and keyboardist Anders Olinder.

“Alone, but not only because of our line-up, we are a cosmopolitan institution. The drummer comes from the US West Coast, the bass player from New York, the one with the six-stringed instrument from Munich and last but not least, the keyboard player comes from Bristol / UK. And I, the frontwoman, saw the light of day in the Mozart city of Salzburg,” says the bundle of power, with a radiant shine in her thoroughly open, curious eyes. “Because of this fact alone, we can’t help but create an “Ethno-Blues-Rock” mix consisting of eleven tracks. The basis for us and what we are doing is actually the world.”
The guitarist continues: “I spontaneously wanted to start a band in 2020, having previously played the six strings with the hard rock pioneers Avalon. So, I gave Manou suggestions for potential musical collaborators. The missing three accepted on the spot. Suddenly, we were a quintet that soon had more than twenty song ideas to work out. When they were finalized in our ears, we recorded eleven of the demos in the studio. Everything happened like in a fever dream. Studio predecessor “Six Dusty Winds” was already in stores in 2021. Another year later, we finished and sold a live CD/DVD recorded in Münster called “Live At The Jovel.” Everything happened extremely fast.”
As it should be for established live cracks, “Broken Silence” was recorded only within a few days, enthuses the whirlwind Manou with her curly mane. Where the unrestricted qualities of the “through-and-through democrats” are can be seen in their musical output to date. With “Broken Silence,” the second studio work after “Six Dusty Winds” is in the starting blocks. “Our clear musical home is the stage,” muses Sebastian, a personality that is as resolute as it is introverted. “Only there do we unfold our true, powerful qualities. We take the listener into the irresistible pull of what’s happening on stage.”
The best proof of this is the great live recording “IVY GOLD – Live At The Jovel.”
What congenially supports the wonderful unconventionality of the formation are the CVs of the band members. “I didn’t start singing professionally until I was in my early 30s. Before that it was just a hobby,” remembers the native of Salzburg with a smile. The group also came into existence completely casually. “Just because we were so excited, the outcome uncertain,” says the thoroughly unpretentious character appreciative, “Freedom is always the freedom of the moment.”
“The recording sessions this time were sometimes painful to the limit,” recalls Manou, who is responsible for the lyrics. “Which is because their content is much more intimate, personal. Writing like this can be very painful. But a powerful warrior like me can take it.”
Ivy Gold’s sound is based on raw R&B á la Blues Pills or Joe Bonamassa. Coupled with a voice that is in no way inferior to the legendary singers like Inga Rumpf or even the icon Etta James. “But our frontlady is by no means our only acoustic flagship,” Eder is convinced. “Our sound is also based on wildly rampant heavy rock, emotionally touching gospel or an emotionally sweeping ballad.”
The fact that Ivy Gold, although they are at home in the most diverse places on this planet and have not known each other for too long, still comes across as a sound-technical bulwark is due to a true value: that of unbreakable friendship. “This close soul mate relationship we have, is sometimes a bit frightening,” Manou rubs her eyes again and again, amazed at so much sincere togetherness. “Our music may not be perfect. But thanks to the unusual circumstances of our cohesion, it is always authentic through and through.”
Now is the time to take this powerful “message of honesty” to the world. “We will do everything for it,” Manou is inspired. “Because “Broken Silence” is a huge step in the necessary direction. Stony. And that’s probably why it’s so immensely satisfying.”

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