TAELA Releases “beetlejuice (dead to me)”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Capitol Music Group*

TAELA Releases “beetlejuice (dead to me)” 

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Directed & Produced by: Slater Goodson / GOOD Media
TAELA returns with “beetlejuice (dead to me),” released today by Young Forever/Capitol Records. Known for her unfiltered lyricism and heartfelt melodies, TAELA draws inspiration from the beloved movie “Beetlejuice” to deliver a powerful anthem of liberation and self-empowerment. 

TAELA shares her excitement for the upcoming release, saying, “Beetlejuice is my favorite movie. I obsessively watched it growing up and I still turn it on as a comfort show every now and then. I was watching it recently and saw the scene where Beetlejuice says to Lydia, ‘I’m telling ya honey, she meant nothing to me! nothing at all!’ and was instantly inspired to write a song based on the film. I wrote “beetlejuice (dead to me)” about an ex that keeps trying to crawl out of the grave. The ex who’s willing to do anything and everything to get to you, even if it means dragging your name through the dirt or making you miserable. This song is a final ‘we’re through!’ message and I’m so excited to share it.”

TAELA’s music is known for its ability to connect deeply with listeners, drawing from her own personal experiences. Her latest release, life’s a bitch…still, presents an expanded version of her October 2022 EP, delving into the raw emotions of life’s challenges and triumphs. Blending trap snares, anthemic choruses, and piercing guitars, TAELA’s unique sound is characterized by her wail and a confidence that resonates with those who have faced their own trials.

Born in Saint Louis, Missouri to Caucasian and Native American parents, the single mom took a leap of faith and relocated to Nashville to write songs in 2021. Landing a publishing deal with Kobalt allowed TAELA to focus on writing and recording. In February 2022, she self-released the single “trophy,” which debuted in the top 10 of the U.S. iTunes Alternative chart. The anthemic track, which examines how people perceive one another on social media, has amassed nearly six million combined global streams to date. The singles “i don’t cry when i’m high” and “good in bed” followed in the lead-up to the November 2022 release of life’s a bitch

TAELA’s frank, relatable songs have clearly struck a chord with fans. Her TikTok following has doubled since the EP’s release while “trophy” and “good in bed” have each had over 20,000 UGC creates from users around the world. TAELA says, “I’m so thankful to have a safe place to share my stories. I’m healing. I’m smiling again.”

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