VERDERBNIS: Debut Album ‘Paria’ To Be Released On September 22 Via Black Sunset

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VERDERBNIS: Debut album “Paria” to be released on 22 September via Black Sunset!
signing-foto_1Emerging from the shadows of the Melodic Black Metal scene, VERDERBNIS is set to unleash their debut album “Paria” on 22 September through Black Sunset. The album, containing 9 tracks, promises an unparalleled journey through melodic grandeur and raw, unrelenting musical aggression.

Completed at the end of 2022, “Paria” is the epitome of VERDERBNIS’s unique style. Featuring strong melodies, unforgettable riffs, soul-stirring guitar work and an undercurrent of raw musical brutality, it’s a record that defies expectations and conventions.

The album was meticulously crafted with producer Torsten Sauerbrey (known for his work with Atomwinter, Kambrium, Dark At Dawn, Burden of Grief) at Metalsound Studio. Together, they have shaped a sound that resonates with both the soul and the primal instincts of metal fans around the globe.

A first musical taste of “Paria” will be available soon, offering listeners a glimpse into the ferocious beauty of VERDERBNIS’s debut creation.

Fans eager to embrace the dark brilliance of VERDERBNIS can pre-order “Paria” now via MDD at MDD Records or AMAZON.

VERDERBNIS has crafted an album that is as uncompromising as it is unforgettable. “Paria” is more than a debut; it’s a statement, a testament to the band’s vision and a bold step into the future of Melodic Black Metal. Stay tuned for an experience that transcends genre and expectation.



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