CANGURU Releases Music Video For “Boys, Girls”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By LPR Agency*

Born in Ottignies, Belgium, CANGURU (a.k.a Colin Crichton) was brought up in a classical music environment. With music running through his veins, it was always a huge part of his life, from as young as he can remember. In the late nineties, he moved to Manchester to study Sound Engineering at Salford University and since then, has been involved with many bands as a performer, sound engineer and blossoming music producer. His love for electronic music was nurtured in the rich and eclectic Manchester party music scene.

Witnessing live bands such as The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twins and 808 State, to name but a few, played a role in shaping his own sound, encouraging him to experiment with samples and create his own electronic songs. Throughout his development, Crichton drew on many influences ranging from alt hip-hop to electro-pop, indie dance, electronica and trip-hop. His production style stems from bands such as Gorillaz, The Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip.

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