Italy’s Jaguero Return With Single “New Love” Ahead Of New EP Release

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Italy’s Jaguero return with single “New Love” ahead of new EP release
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Photo: Franco Campesato
Following their incredible debut EP “Worst Weekend Ever,” the Italian band Jaguero return with a new single, “New Love,” a powerful and intense track that serves as the opener to their new self-titled EP.


In this track, Jaguero translates a spectrum of strong and pulsating emotions into sound, in a cathartic effort that gives depth to the song beyond the music and lyrics.

“New Love” is an emotional anthem about the difficulties in overcoming a toxic relationship, highlighting the confusion and discomfort of living in a now damaging and destructive relationship.

With this single, Jaguero tells a story that could resonate in the hearts of many. So many people have experienced manipulation, gaslighting, or emotional abuse in their past, forgetting the importance of self-care, self-love and their own healing.

The band comments:

“This song is about the strength and courage to let go of someone who is no longer good for us. We need to acknowledge the fear and uncertainty that comes from breaking up with someone we love, thus celebrating the liberation and empowerment that comes from finally standing up for ourselves and our well-being.”

The single picks up the legacy of the highly successful “Worst Weekend Ever” and lays the groundwork for the new EP, titled “New Love,” which establishes continuity in the collaboration with Epidemic Records. The EP will be released later this summer.

Jaguero adds:

“With New Love we gave air to our musically more aggressive side, while still trying to maintain redundant melodies throughout the song. It is one of the 5 souls that make up the new EP, with which we tried to carry on the basic idea of our first release: there are no rules or genres, we only ever play what we like.”

“New Love” is available on all major digital platforms:

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