Will Jackson Releases New Album ‘Songs From The Briarpatch’

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Will Jackson
Songs From the Briarpatch LP
17 December 2020
On bold new full-length album “Songs From the Briarpatch,” Nashville-based artist Will Jackson leans in to his loves of hometown Nashville, TN and Americana music. After gaining ground in the scene and playing over a thousand shows in Nashville, Will’s songwriting acumen and his appreciation for the genre both flourished. It’s this experience that led to his love letter to Heartland Rock, “Songs From the Briarpatch.”

“Songs From the Briarpatch” came into fruition after falling in love with the exploding Americana genre in Nashville TN. There’s a little corner of music that’s always inspired me; not too heavy, not too soft, great melodies and most importantly, a heavy emphasis on well-written, thoughtful songwriting. After playing in various bands and trying to achieve this sound on a few projects, I feel that I’ve put out a release that truly reflects the artist that I am and want to develop. I’m grateful for anyone who listens and resonates with these songs.

Stream “Songs From the Briarpatch” on Spotify.

More Info:

Artist Name: Will Jackson
Location: Nashville TN, USA
Release Title: “Songs From the Briarpatch” LP
Release Date: 17 December 2020
Label: Independent, “Mile Marker 14 Records” is the publishing label
Musician Names/Instruments:

Will Jackson. Songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, pianist

Producer Name(s): Troy Brooks, Briarpatch Studio
Genre(s): Americana, Heartland Rock, Carolina Rock


1) Looks Like Today
2) Good Enough
3) Drinking My Way Home
4) Polaroid Parade
5) There Was A Time
6) Gonna Get Me Killed
7) Won’t See Me In Heaven
8) Walking On Fire
9) Catch The Wind
10) Caroline Calls


Official Website: WillJacksonMusic.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/WillJacksonMusic
Instagram: will_jackson_music
Youtube Channel: WillJacksonMusic

Artist Biography:

Will Jackson was born and raised in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and grew up in a house always filled with music. Soaking in everything from his dad’s classic rock, his mom’s musical theatre, his siblings alt-rock and his peers’ affinity for Top 40, the common ground that inspired him was good songwriting. He left his job at a waterpark to play his first paid gig at age 14 and has never had a “real” job since. After spending two years at the Berklee College of Music in Boston as a songwriting major, he moved to Nashville, TN to find new ground. Linking up with a friend from college, they started a band specifically to work the Lower Broadway club strip downtown. Through gaining ground in the scene and playing over a thousand shows in Nashville, Will soaked up a whole new world of music he didn’t know existed. He is excited to have focused these new influences into a new group of songs, which have just been released on his latest album,”Songs From The Briarpatch.” Will is excited to bridge the gap from his music in Nashville, to his heart in Carolina.

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