Sup? Releases New Single “I Quit”

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I Quit
13 May 2021
NYC Electronic Duo Sup? released their debut single “I Quit,” a quirky, danceable jam showcasing the project’s state-of-the-art production and tongue-in-cheek humor. Sup? was formed by long-time buddies Guy Zalaxy and Bucky Skullet, who ‘harness the power of true friendship to create sounds that soothe your soul.’

From the Artist:

I Quit. Two words we have all wanted to say about so many different things. Society has always tried to reinforce the idea that quitting is weak and that there is something inherently bad about a Quitter. This track is a triumphant ode that flips that notion on its head and celebrates the empowerment one feels when they take control of their own destiny. Quitting something that no longer serves you is an important step in the journey of life. These are the victorious sounds of Quitting that thing you no longer need.

Art by: Kye @kye_stuff_idk

Sup?‘s Discord server can be found here: 

How to stream “I Quit”:
Stream the new single on Spotify.

More Info:

Artist Name: Sup?
Location: NYC
Release Title: I Quit
Release Date: 5/13/21
Label: Independent
Musician Names/Instruments: Guy Zalaxy & Bucky Skullet
Producer Name(s): same as above
Similar/RIYL: Daft Punk, MGMT, Flaming Lips
Genre(s): Good Vibes
Tracklist: I Quit

Twitter: @Supiswhatsup
Instagram: @Supiswhatsup

Artist Biography:

Guy Zalaxy and Bucky Skullet, homies since the mid 90s, harnessing the power of true friendship to create sounds that soothe your soul.

Sup? In a world where nothing is what it seems anymore, Sup? Is all about saying what you mean, being your true self and not worrying about what anyone else thinks. It’s about being grateful for life through taking the time to appreciate the simple joys of existence. Most importantly, Sup is about everyone’s right to feel good every day…a reminder to chill out and be kind (unless someone is giving you grief or bringing you down, cause then you’ve got to let them know…respectfully…)  

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