Bars And Melody Release Official Music Video For “Angels & Demons”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By LPR Agency*

Bars and Melody are a British rap duo formed in 2014. Rapper Leondre Devries and singer Charlie Lenehan took the world by storm when their debut single “Hopeful” entered the UK charts at number 5. Fast forward a few years, several world tours and platinum albums later, Bars and Melody are ready to take it to another level.

The duo doesn’t hold back lyrically. Their music drips with emotion and authenticity that is raw and unfiltered.

Hoping to inspire people to think outside the box and not be labelled by people’s opinions, the duo aren’t trying to be a positive influence… They want to be a real influence. 

This is a new era for Bars and Melody, giving us a deeper insight into who they really are. The duo reveals, “The past few years, we have been quiet and really focused on creating the type of music we wanted to make as individuals. This next phase is the most important part of our career as we can be who we really want to be.”

With a dedicated fanbase in the millions, as well as millions of streams across streaming platforms, Bars and Melody are quite simply a force to be reckoned with.

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