Dead Coyote Release Music Video For “Apparitionata”

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Dead Coyote
13 February 2021
Ever heard of Goth Dance? How about Spooky Disco?

Portland-based group Dead Coyote come from a place of truly exciting originality, somewhere close to far left field, on terrifyingly fun new EP “APPARITIONATA,” out now. Most recently, they have put together a 4-part music video, one for each song on the EP, released.


“…a cyclical tale of a foolish ghost with a broken heart…”

APPARITIONATA: A Gothic Dance Poperetta

APPARITIONATA is a love letter to campy horror musicals of the likes of Rocky Horror Picture Show, Phantom of the Paradise and Little Shop of Horrors. It is equally sonically inspired by piano sonatas/concertos by Beethoven, as well as the works of contemporary composers such as Danny Elfman, Phillip Glass and Wendy Carlos. All that stirred up with some BowieGaga, and Billy Idol (perchance with a pinch of Tears For Fears) just about completes the recipe.
Visually, the video is inspired by the aforementioned musicals with a heavy dose of late seventies/eighties horror—mainly Evil Dead 2, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist and The Shining.

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More Info:

Artist Name: Dead Coyote
Location: Portland, OR
Label: Independent

Musician Names/Instruments:

Zach Retzl- piano, guitar, vocals  
Jonathan Ventrella- drums, additional vocals
Izabella Weiss- bass, additional vocals
Adrian Retzl- synthesizer

Producer Name(s): Jonathan Ventrella, Zach Retzl
Similar/RIYL: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Phantom of the Paradise, Phantom of the Opera, Little Shop of Horrrors
Genre(s): Goth Dance, Spooky Disco, Horror Rock, Musical, Classical


I. Prelude
II. Leave Me in the Ground
III. Lazy Ghost
IV. My Hiding Place


YouTube Channel:

Dead Coyote was formed circa 2008 in South Dakota by Zach Retzl and Jonathan Ventrella. Separated for a brief four years during each of their respective stints in the USMC, after which regrouped in Portland, OR in 2015. After releasing an extremely loud, very angry album called “xYx” (now, xYx is a moniker often used to refer to Dead Coyote, as the letters are an abstracted Dead Coyote face), Dead Coyote craved a dancier direction and thus Izabella Weiss joined the band in 2018 to lend her bass talents. After the release of 2019’s “Feed the Raven,” Dead Coyote began writing songs that were in desperate need of a Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer. Enter Adrian Retzl, Zach’s younger brother who has always had a pension for the keys. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dead Coyote has been unable to operate in it’s true form, but out of this, ‘APPARITIONATA’ was born. We look forward to performing it live (with big one-act play/stage show vibes), followed by a set of some of our favorite past songs.

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