Pandemic-Project Swarm Of Flies Joined By Members Of Geezer, Matte Black And Raw Milk On New Single “Writhe”

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Pandemic-project Swarm of Flies joined by members of Geezer, Matte Black, and Raw Milk on new single “Writhe.”

Song available via streaming services and Bandcamp now.

(Brooklyn, NY): SWARM OF FLIES — a new collaborative musical project created by Ken Wohlrob of New York City’s Eternal Black and End of Hope — released its fourth single, “Writhe,” on March 30, 2021. The song features Matt McAlpin of Matte Black and Dead Satellites on vocals, Pat Harrington of Geezer on slide guitar and Adam Dausch of Raw Milk on drums. “Writhe” is available on the project’s Bandcamp page ( and also available on streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.

As with the three previous Swarm of Flies tracks – “Mine All Along,” “The Jaunt” and “Wendigo” – “Writhe” is a collaboration between all the musicians involved. Wohlrob sent initial track layers to McAlpin, Harrington, Dausch and frequent collaborator Davis Schlachter (End of Hope, Reign of Zaius), who then responded back with their own contributions.

According to Wohlrob, “Originally, Matt was going to play guitar, but he decided to sing instead and sent back those cool, moody vocal layers.” McAlpin’s contributions helped to take the track in a new, unexpected direction. “That is the fun of Swarm of Flies,” Wohlrob says, “Suddenly, the song had this distinct Pink Floyd vibe, which made me think, ‘This needs slide guitar.’ Pat from Geezer is one of my favorite guitarists and a hell of a slide player. He put so much emotion in those ghostly lines.”

“Writhe” was mixed and mastered by Kol Marshall (“Mine All Along,” “Wendigo”) of Suburban Elvis Studios, who along with his production partner Joe Kelly, has also produced albums for Eternal Black and End of Hope. In addition, Marshall has a long list of production credits including King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Ministry, Usurper and Absu. 

●    Ken Wohlrob (Eternal Black, End of Hope): guitar, Moog, dub fx, producer 
●    Matt McAlpin (Matte Black, Dead Satellites): vocals 
●    Pat Harrington (Geezer): slide guitar
●    Davis Schlachter (End of Hope, Reign of Zaius): bass, keyboards
●    Adam Dausch (Raw Milk, Metropolly): drums
●    Kol Marshall (Suburban Elvis Studios): mixing, mastering 

Visit the band online:


SWARM OF FLIES is a collaborative musical group created by Ken Wohlrob of New York City’s Eternal Black and End of Hope. The project’s goal is to continue to release new music during the coronavirus pandemic while the members’ other bands are on hiatus. More than just a stopgap, SWARM OF FLIES main focus is creating original music, rather than cover songs and getting it out into the world as quickly as possible. Instead of crafting an album, Swarm of Flies will release new tracks as they are created. Each song will feature a different lineup of musicians from the heavy music/punk rock community. As of this writing, members of Eternal Black, Rollins Band, Shadow Witch, Fire Party, End of Hope, Witch Taint, Pigface, St. Bastard, Foetus, Reign of Zaius, Thunderbird Divine, Clamfight, Geezer, Matte Black, Dead Satellites and Raw Milk have joined the project. 


Formed in late 2014, Brooklyn’s Eternal Black is made up of Ken Wohlrob (End of Hope) on guitar and vocals, Joe Wood (Borgo Pass, Bloody Sabbath) on drums, and Hal Miller on bass. The group came together out of a desire to create dark songs driven by fuzz-drenched riffs and old-school heavy grooves. Their first album, ‘Bleed the Days,’ debuted at #4 on the Doom Charts and was #25 on The Obelisk’s “Top 30 of 2017.” They followed it with ‘Slow Burn Suicide’ in 2019, which debuted at #8 on the Doom Charts and was #21 on The Obelisk’s “Top 50 Albums of 2019.” In addition, they recorded a live album at the prestigious WFMU studios in Jersey City, NJ, titled Dead at WFMU. Sludgelord said of Eternal Black’s sound, “This is doom as it should be in America today; angry, abrasive and seething with an undertow of disillusionment.” 


Formed in 2018, End of Hope brought together four musicians from well-known New York City-based bands who wanted to combine the intensity of Black Flag with the speed rock n’ roll of Motörhead. The band consists of Davey Gunner of New York Hardcore legends Kraut on vocals, Dave Richman of the one-man sludge-and-doom project St. Bastard and black metal band Witch Taint on drums, Davis Schlachter of Brooklyn’s ape-rock purveyors Reign of Zaius on bass and Ken Wohlrob of Brooklyn doom heavyweights Eternal Black on guitar. Shortly after they formed, End of Hope released a two-song EP, titled ‘D E M O’ in March of 2018 and then followed it with their debut album ‘Cease & Destroy’ in November 2019. Part of the reborn New York Hardcore scene, End of Hope has twice played the Back to the NYHC Roots series organized by Drew Stone at A7, the birthplace of New York Hardcore. 

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