The Divorcees Release Live Performance Video Of “Caledonia Mountain/Dying Breed”

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The Divorcees
Drop of Blood
8 January 2021
Moncton-based Outlaw Country/Americana group The Divorcees are as gritty and authentic as it gets on new full-length album “Drop of Blood,” released independently. Tracks like “Making the Scene” bring a rollicking, get-out-of-your seat energy while “Drinkin’ in the Afternoon” and “Too Old to Die Young” are perfect for sitting back and topping up that bourbon one more time.

“The story of The Divorcees has been one of never, ever taking the easy way out and on this record, we most definitely did not. It’s called ‘Drop of Blood’ for a reason. We pushed hard to make these songs what they are and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. This album truly represents who we are as a band – one that never settles for less, one that values authenticity and one that will push as hard as it can to achieve its vision. ‘Drop of Blood’ is a near-perfect take at what standing strong, despite impossible odds, looks like. After 15 years in the music business, The Divorcees have learned how to persevere, no matter how tough things get. We’ve been there, done that. We’ve paid our dues and this album tells that story.”

Stream “Drop of Blood” on Spotify.

On Feb 12th, 2021, the band released a self-shot mini-documentary on their YouTube channel detailing the making of the album.

Watch the documentary.

Artist Name: The Divorcees
Location: Moncton, New-Brunswick, Canada
Release Title: Drop of Blood
Release Date: January 8th, 2021
Label: Independent

Musician Names/Instruments: Alex Madsen (lead guitar and vocals), Jason Haywood (Acoustic guitar and vocals), Shawn Thomas (Acoustic and electric guitar and backing vocals), Kevin Macintyre (drums), Denis “Turtle” Arsenault (Bass).

Producer Name(s): Denis “TurTle” Arsenault, Duane Kelly 

Similar/RIYL: Shooter Jennings, Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson
Genre(s): Outlaw Country/Americana

1- Caledonia Mountain
2- Dying Breed
3- Losing Hand
4- Drinkin’ in the Afternoon
5- Making the Scene
6- Small Town City Boy
7- Must Be Nice
8- The Other Side of the Blue
9- Too Old to Die Young
10- Handful of Nothing
11- Drop of Blood

Press Quotes:

“The Divorcees are more creatures of the local dive, singing songs of drinking and heartache. The quick, easy comparison would be to all the cool honky tonk bands playing eight nights a week in Austin, TX (pandemic, notwithstanding). Super tight, well-seasoned, with songs easy to two-step and melt away your cares on a Saturday night to, their twangy, straightforward approach to country music is refreshing.” – “Saving Country Music”

“The Divorcees have carved out a cozy spot for themselves within the east coast music scene. They are tried and true classic country flag-wavers. Even if you are not a fan, their sound is likely to recall memories of growing up listening to the legends on the radio weekend from afternoons long gone by. They love this genre and that emotion and affection shine through in all their songs. With their newest release, ‘Drop of Blood,’ the Moncton-based group has succeeded in harnessing this sense of nostalgia and charm that strikes so close to home for many of us.” – The East (Matt Hayes)

“With nearly two decades — not to mention coast-to-coast touring, over 120,000+ streams across platforms, and five studio albums — under their belt, ‘Drop of Blood’ offers a glimpse into one of Canada’s most bona fide country acts.” – Cashbox Canada Magazine

Accolades: East Coast Music Association – Country Album of the Year (Winner 2008 and 2010), East Coast Music Association – Country Album of the Year (nominated 2017) Music New Brunswick – Country Album of the Year (Winner 2012). Music New-Brunswick – Album of the Year (Winner 2017).


YouTube Channel

Artist Biography:

Now in their 16th year, The Divorcees are known nationwide as a leading voice in Canada’s Americana / Trad Country music scene. Since their start in 2005, Alex Madsen, Jason Haywood, Denis “Turtle” Arsenault, Shawn Thomas and Kevin Macintyre have taken their brand of blue-collar country music to venues and airwaves from Vancouver to PEI and all points in between.

The group has garnered critical praise from leading blogs such as and Exclaim, also having earned Country Album of the Year from the East Coast Music Association twice over plus multiple awards from Music New Brunswick.

The band is proud to call many artists in Canada’s music community friends, including The Stanfields, Tim Hus, Corb Lund, JP Cormier, Bill Elliott and many others. The Divorcees are also very grateful for their multi-generational fans, many of whom have become close friends of the band as well.

The Divorcees music has received airplay on radio stations around the world. Their video for “Red Haired, Red Blooded Woman” saw significant airplay on CMT, while their video for “The Crows” continues to receive views on YouTube.

The country group has four albums released, including 2006’s “You Ain’t Gettin’ My Country,” 2009’s “Last Of The Free Men,” 2012’s “Four Chapters” and 2016’s “From Labour To Refreshment.” The band released their fifth album titled “Drop of Blood” on January 8, 2021.

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