Anni Pohto Releases Selfie Version Of “everywoman” Music Video

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Anni Pohto
Northern Atlantis
5 March 2021
Helsinki-based pop singer-songwriter Anni Pohto has released new single “everywoman” on digital platforms. This is the third single to be released from the concept album “The Rising,” out now. On “everywoman,” Anni Pohto delves into the universal bond of womanhood over pulsing electro beats.

Anni Pohto elaborates on the powerful themes of “everywoman”:

If I were Malala or Rosa Parks, if I were Hillary Clinton or Hannah Arendt, how would I have been able to handle all the pressure?

everywoman is an epic call for unity in which you can hear Whitney Houston’s tragedy ringing.

In my mind I saw the only female emperor of China, Wu Zetian, the young Joanne of Arc, resourceful Mata Hari, Simone de Beauvoir, several politicians, athletes, artists, business women, everyone tackle emotionally and spiritually similar battles. 

Motherhood, slandering, intellectual questioning, belittling. Resentment over female sexuality, yet overbearing demands over looks and appearance. The unquestionable role of the man as the head of a family, thus forcing women into patronized, childlike positions in societies, in which women are not free to act and have agency. The despise, abuse and yes, even murdering of independent women. The list is austere and thorough. 

And the more I thought about it, the clearer it became: all of my women idols had not been so different from me. But what was common in them was that despite the repression and even violence, they had stuck with their own truth. How did they do that? How did they bore with it? Or did they? 

Through writing this song, it became clear to me that I will not accept anymore the role that some people try to neatly and comfortably put me in. I do not accept bad behaviour. I won’t stay silent for the sake of a nice atmosphere. As a white, Western, healthy, heterosexual woman, I am the second most privileged person in this world. If this world is not equal even to me, then how biased is it for so many others? With the privileges I enjoy also comes responsibilities. How will I use my position? What would my fellow-Finn from some 150 years ago, Minna Canth, do? 

We all have masculine and feminine features. The fact that we approach femininity on the one hand condescendingly, and on the other with utter disgustion and fear, tells a lot about our time and our attitudes. 

Because in reality, femininity is a force of nature that all sexes can draw from. Femininity is water: in one moment a softly flowing river, in another thunderous, life-threathening whitewater. A calm ocean beach, pulling herself into a tsunami bursting over everything. Femininity is not passivity or weakness. It is determined, flowing serenity which will always find its way, and which will mold any obstacle, softening their edges as she goes.  

Stream “everywoman” on Spotify.

More Info:
Artist Name: Anni Pohto
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Label: Northern Atlantis (artist-run Independent label)
Song written & produced by: Anni Pohto & Henry Kaprali in the Northern Atlantis
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering, New York
Similar/RIYL: Låpsley, Jack Garratt, Imogen Heap, jazz pianist Robert Glasper, Alicia Keys, Maggie Rogers
Genre(s): pop, songwriter, hip hop, electronic
Accolades:Co-writer & co-producer of the album “Medium” of the acclaimed Finnish rapper, Pyhimys. Berklee College of Music scholar.

YouTube Channel:

Artist Biography:

About Anni Pohto

“My voice, my piano, my beats.” The foundation of Anni Pohto’s music is built on layers of old school songwriting, 90s hip hop and a dash of 21st-century pop music. Being titled as “the female Jack Garratt” and “the Nordic Alicia Keys,” her impeccable musical talent and breeze of good vibes make her a true Northern Star. 

Anni Pohto’s fresh combination of the Nordic esthetics and love for the East Coast is rooted in her childhood in Finland and her life in New York and Boston. While working as a songwriter for other artists and struggling in the maze of the local music industry, Anni found herself both as a Berklee College of Music scholar and Master of Global Political Science to-be. Those experiences made it impossible for her to fit in the mold anymore. 

Her EP ‘Redemption Street’ sprang Anni into the national spotlight with ‘Stains’ being chosen as the song of the week at YleX radio. This, together with her prior collaboration with the acclaimed Finnish rapper, Pyhimys, co-writing and co-producing his album ‘Medium,’ cast the foundation of Anni’s career. 

Now, Anni’s highly anticipated album was released throughout the winter and spring of 2020–2021. Written during the previous three years in several places in Finland, Central Europe, Africa, and the US, it truly proves the meaning of music as a global language. Just as her name Anni  (pronounced like “sunny” without the S) and Pohto being her ancestral last name – her album is a wakeup call for people to realize their own powers. The album dives deep into our roots and ancient mythologies while resonating with everything that’s going on in the world right now. According to her, there is always a new dawn and that’s exactly what Anni Pohto’s music is about: healing, grit and empowerment.

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