Carnivorous Forest Release New Full-Length Album ‘Great Grey King’

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CARNIVOROUS FOREST release new full length album “GREAT GREY KING”

London, UK – Black metal act CARNIVOROUS FOREST announce new full length album GREAT GREY KING. This follows on after 2017’s FROZEN RIVERS.

Carnivorous Forest was founded by Amarok in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2012 and are now based in London, UK. The band bridges the gaps between the black metal, death metal, viking metal and neofolk genres. They bring icy riffs, subterranean bass, furious vocals and memorable choruses.

‘Great Grey King’ is the culmination of nine years of writing and experimentation. The album features 10 tracks and clocks in at 53 minutes. Lyrical inspiration comes from reverence for the natural beauty of Canada’s taiga, life and death and folklore passed down from Canada’s First Nations and Inuit people.

“I’m not First Nations or Inuit myself,” says frontman Amarok. “I’m the descendant of colonizers. These peoples were here first and their connections to the land are much stronger than mine. Their myths and legends have greatly inspired me and I want to pay homage to them in my own way.”


01) Carnivorous Forest
02) Golden Flames of a Pale Cold Sun
03) Louve
04) Arctotherium
05) Frozen Grave
06) Orca
07) Grand Bear Guardian
08) Malicious Wolf Shade of Profound Animosity
09) Great Grey King
10) Godless Vesperia

Great Grey King is streamable on Spotify, Deezer, Google Play and most other streaming networks.


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