Lord Sonny The Unifier Releases Official Music Video For “This High”

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Lord Sonny The Unifier
America’s Newest Hitmaker
Interstellar Smoke Records
3 March 2023
Brooklyn-based purveyor of Post Punk ‘Biker Psychedelia,’ Lord Sonny the Unifier, has released a new full-length album, cheekily titled “America’s Newest Hitmaker.” Upon listening to LSTU’s newest batch of well-crafted songs, each one paying homage to greats like The Clash, The Beatles and Motorhead while simultaneously looking to the future inspired by Viagra Boysthe Black Keys and QOTSA, this title hits the mark. Lord Sonny the Unifier’s unique rock signature delivers unique psychedelic imagery with a distinct Brooklyn twist, utilizing alternative, post-punk, punk rock, hard rock, psychedelic and classic rock influences to create a cohesive whole. All in all, “America’s Newest Hitmaker” is a triumphant, dynamic artistic statement brimming with punk rock swagger and charisma, from an artist who truly lives for it.

Interstellar Smoke Records has made the limited edition vinyl available early. The release offers marble red and black vinyl with special audiophile mastering. Fans can find more information and purchase here: https://interstellarsmokerecords.bigcartel.com/product/lord-sonny-the-unifier-america5p5KRKsuucFr-LMgL3aKO2mCmkDXSvk3QYlNtJ8D5gxNpsWVcOVcprDeOCnyjY2Z3gvI_qMkxSQVFuUJuh-Cno1PIyv0kSwxzxOEKXSkop8=newest-hitmaker-isr-vinyl-edition

After releasing debut album “Final Notice!” and follow-up EP “All New Information” to critical acclaim, Lord Sonny the Unifier goes decidedly bigger this time around, with Tony Maimone of Per Ubu on the production team, and UK label Interstellar Smoke Records are distributing vinyl. Continuing his prolific visuals that go hand in hand with his music, Greg Jiritano (Lord Sonny the Unifier) has at least 4 music videos being shot to support the record. So sit back and let the subversive, rocking biker vibes take hold!

Not one to be stopped by a pandemic, the new album was written during lockdown and there is already another release on deck for the near future.

“This one was realized during Covid lockdown. I was simultaneously building a new home and studio after the last one burnt down and writing the new album and like everyone, my thoughts were racing, battered and howling. The nail gun was pounding and the saws were slicing through steel and wood. The Laney amp was cranked and the vocals were on the edge.  The titles tell best the tale of the tempest in the room, Black Eye Blues, Don’t Fall Apart, Howl!, Busy Making Love, Light Your Flare, We’re Electric, Loaded Life, While We Were Dozing, This High and Final Notice.

Out of this questioning came more questions, some relief, much introspection and the realization that, among other things, the politricks we’re subjected to are in the best interests of the already affluent. The only power we have over the oppressors is what we create in our lives and the love we share with our people. They don’t have that and we do and that’s more powerful than anything. In this life, he who sees the most beauty wins. 

This was an album I imagined Bowie would have made right after ‘Scary Monsters’ if he didn’t go the Nile Rogers route and grabbed Iggy Pop instead, cranked the guitars and picked out of his closet some of his old synthesizers.”
 – Greg Jiritano

Stream “America’s Newest Hitmaker” on Spotify.
Stream or purchase on the Interstellar Smoke Records Bandcamp.

More Info:
Artist Name: Lord Sonny The Unifier
Location: Brooklyn,  New York 
Release Title: America’s Newest Hitmaker
Release Date: March 3, 2023
Label: Interstellar Smoke Records (vinyl/physical release), Independent (digital)
Musician Names/Instruments: Greg Jiritano: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards.  Gary Atturio: Bass, Keyboards.  Josh Bailey: Drums, percussion.  Amy Gordon: Backing Vocals  
Producer Name(s): Greg Jiritano 
Similar/RIYL: Viagra Boys, Nick Cave, Black Keys, Jack White. The Clash, David Bowie
Genre(s): Biker Psychedelia, Alt Rock, Post Punk, Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock


Side A:

1) Howl  
2) Don’t Fall Apart    
3) Loaded Life      
4) Light Your Flare    
5) We’re Electric    
6) Final Notice      

Side B:  

1) Don’t Be An A**hole    
2) Busy Making Love        
3) What You Gonna Bring      
4) This High      
5) Black Eye Blues      
6) While We Were Dozing   

“From spectacular graphic fractal inspired paintings to memorable quitar riffs and sharp solos, one gets the impression that this otherworldly force of nature is only nominally contained.” – Playtime with Bill Turck   

“There is something distinct that will never be accuse of being derivative or contrived.” – Justin Harlan, The Farsighted  

“LSTU is ahead of the game and understands the future is in their hands.” – Jessica, Goliath Life, BT Music

“An effortless cool tribute to guitar mavens and exuberant frontmen of yesteryear.” – Jake Tully, Moxipop  

“The Single makes for some revolutionary Rock and Roll.” – Stars and Celebs  

 “LSTU not only delivers all the goods, they ooze with potential and in todays musical climate, they are a band with a  clear cut musical mission statement. Not an ounce of compromise.” – Joe Hughes, Alternative Nation  

“A bright fresh new take on Alternative Rock that takes you on a journey that pushes the envelope on todays garage bands while combining the truth of the edge of the unknown. LSTU is out there rock at its best. The vocals hit with a solid edge. The group has a truly unique sound and its just right  for this era.” – The Nashville Music Guide 


Official Website: www.lordsonnytheunifier.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lordsonnytheunifier/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LUnifier
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lordsonnytheunifier&nbsp
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0I5qqw6NvKZ1MernPkbvmJ
Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/lord-sonny-the-unifier/1440287498&nbsp
Bandcamp: https://lordsonnytheunifier.bandcamp.com/releases&nbsp
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gregory-jiritano     
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC–v33-RaTeUVTgKAl_BJXA&nbsp


Brooklyn-based alternative rock band Lord Sonny the Unifier is lead by Gregory Jiritano. LSTU’s music is gritty, untethered rock with overtones of post-punk and melodic psychedelia. Lord Sonny the Unifier’s debut album ‘Final Notice’ was quickly followed by an EP, entitled ‘All New Information.’ Both garnered positive response with rock, punk and psychedelic music enthusiasts. With eye-catching cover artwork and a series of in-depth music videos Gregory Jiritano’s detailed vision for the album came to fruition. Now, he’s released a brand new record and seal his place as America’s Newest Hitmaker. 

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