Foxpalmer Releases Her New Incredible Single “Wanted”

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Foxpalmer releases her incredible new single ‘Wanted 

Listen Here: Click Here

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About Foxpalmer

Foxpalmer are a London-based rock band, with a unique mix of rock, Americana style folk and lush indie, theirs is a striking sound, as captivating as it is different.

Foxpalmer’s unique sound, stunning original music and captivating live shows has helped them receive numerous amounts of airplay as well as performing at a number of UK Festivals, including Godiva and Celtic Connections Festival at Glasgow City Hall 2020 and 2023. Having played a long list of dates everywhere from Glasgow to their native London, as well as supporting the amazing Black Heart Orchestra at Cambridge Junction and loads and loads more, the outfit have more than proved themselves as a compelling live act, the spell woven around audiences and their fan base ever expanding. It’s in this arena that they’ve proven their strongest as songs like ‘Forever’ and ‘Dead’ have struck a chord with anyone who’s ever loved and lost, the lyrics heartbreaking and the music sublime. With an impressive industry response, the track has so far landed itself on 2 editions of the national Rock & Metal Magazine ‘Fireworks’ compilation CD including their special 100th  edition. Sold in national retailers and their new single “Wanted” is in March’s edition!

Writer’s Notes:

Wanted was written about a previous love turned into a heart break, as an ex-boyfriend who I loved and trusted very much left me for someone else. This was a dark and painful time for me, comprehending the lies, deceit and shock of the situation. I found the hardest parts were the night times, crying myself to sleep and dreaming of things that weren’t anymore then waking up to hurtful reality. Some of the lyrics suggest this if you listen to the verses. Still not forgiven what happened, so as you hear, the song has a bitter and angry twist to it, the anger explodes towards the end of the song in the later choruses. 

foxpalmer-Wanted blood red 1 lighter.jpg

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