Brooklyn Punks Fat Heaven Release ‘Trash Life’ Album Via Sell The Heart Records

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Brooklyn punks Fat Heaven release Trash Life album via Sell The Heart Records

Photo by Kevin Condon

With the same personality as the city they hail from, Brooklyn, New York, Fat Heaven keeps it relentless, fast, and dirty, but most of all, fun as hell.

Combining ’90s pop punk with New York attitude, the trio has carved out a reputation in the city where punk was born. From packing out basements to rooftops, Brooklyn’s finest punk band dropped their new record, Trash Life, via Sell the Heart Records.

About Trash Life, the band shares, “On the sincerest of notes; as a DIY band for almost a decade, we’ve been through thick and thin. All the gains and losses, opportunities given and opportunities taken, family members who’ve joined us and family members who have passed; no matter what, we’ve kept going. We’ve become our own little dysfunctional family, bound for our love of playing what we grew up with. If Trash Life could help one person keep going, the way that the albums that shaped us have kept us going, then we can die happy.”

The band previously shared the video for the first single, “Quarter Life Crisis,” which provides a look at all the goodness the band has to offer. Watch it here.

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