Nuremberg, Germany’s Melonball Release Debut Album ‘Breathe’ On Thousand Islands Records/Lockjaw Records

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Nuremberg Germany’s Melonball Release Debut Album ‘Breathe’ on Thousand Islands Records/Lockjaw Records

For Fans Of: Not On Tour, F.O.D., Bad Religion, Millencolin

Stream the “Sicker” Video Here
“Skate Punk is time resistant, powerful and straight to the point in the modern scene and it is bands such as Melonball that toast a rich legacy as they hurtle forth into the future.” – Ear Nutrition

“Melodic and angsty throughout… I was surprised at how this song stuck with me for a while after listening. Fans of never-let-up melodic punk rock will likely find something to like here.”- That’s Good Enough For Me

“An Absolutely Melodic Gem”- The Whole Kameese
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Photo: Nadine Rodler
Nuremberg Germany’s Melonball dropped their debut album BREATHE on March 31st via Thousand Islands Records/Lockjaw Records.

Stream the latest single “Sicker”:

Watch the “Sicker” video here:


Oli (vocals)
Basti (guitar/ backing vocals)
Mally (guitar)
Jens (bass)
Julian (drums/backing vocals)

Of the song, the band says, “Certainly the most personal song for Oli. It is about the fact that– while for many, “family” means support and positivity — for some, it can also be a burden that you carry with you throughout your life.”

Breathing is everything – life, the essence of existence and the focus on the existential. With their debut album BREATHE, Melonball hit pretty deep. Ten songs full of punch, anger, criticism, and emotion
are released by the skate punk band from Nuremberg on two labels, Thousand Islands Records and Lockjaw Records, that are well known for their good sense when it comes to the punk radar.

According to singer Oli, BREATHE collects social and system-critical topics, channels and breaks them down to the human feelings that are left at the end and can make you despair sometimes: “It’s at least comforting and often even life-saving to know that you’re not alone, that you’re not the only person feeling overwhelmed by injustice, abuse of power and all the shit that happens everywhere, but that you’re among like-minded people who share the same attitude and morals.”

Since their formation in 2019, Melonball have been traveling quite a bit, (except during the pandemic) and have been able to establish a name for themselves in the scene. Whether at Punk Rock Camp, Punk Rock Holiday, KNRD Fest or in front of audiences at shows with A Wilhelm Scream, Punk Rock Factory or Belvedere.

In addition to numerous indoor concerts, the band will also play shows at this year’s Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia and at the warmup show for Mission Ready Festival.

Upcoming shows:

23/04/12 – Munich GER,
23/04/14 – Fürth GER, with Chris Magerl, The Bloodstrings
23/05/13 – Regensburg GER, Punk for Paws Fest
23/06/17 – Bad Laasphe GER, Festival
23/06/30 – Giebelstadt GER, Mission Ready Fest Warmup Show
23/08/8-11 – Tolmin SLO, Punk Rock Holiday


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