Blanket Fort (Ex-Mineral Girls, Group Text) Shares “Fulton County Jail Blues” From ‘Rejoice!’ For Friend Club Records

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Blanket Fort (ex-Mineral Girls, Group Text) shares “Fulton County Jail Blues” from Rejoice! for Friend Club Records

That last bomb careens across the cloud cover, little sheen of steel on dull cotton grey and you welcome him with open arms and the greeting “I AM NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING / HOW COULD I BE?” You waited and you waited and you wait, here at the end of an unending ending.

You, in your hospital gown, already ready, having too long languished in the purgatory of this much bandied about “Autumn of the American Era.” After shattering personal loss and humiliation on the federal level, there’s nowhere to go but home. Nothing left to do but smile wide, nothing left to do but ‘REJOICE!’

This record sounds like keeping your eyes clinched shut in an autistic black while stumbling through the teeth-whitening gates of Heaven, heel crunching angel tracheas and bursting halos like light bulbs. “LET’S GET ON WITH IT ALREADY” this new album of yours Rejoice! seems to shout over and over.

An album of animal electricity. The spastic, poetic crunch of The Microphones and early Akron/Family. The bare bones truthitudes of Barr’s underrated and CLASSIQUE 2007 Summary and the open-arcaneness of Joan of Arc. It’s wise enough to keep any melodrama fully in check and smart enough to let itself go dummy now and again.

Blanket Fort, aka Brett Green (ex-Mineral Girls, Group Text), recorded Rejoice! over the course of the first half of the first year of the end of his life. An album about being in a rare moment of joy to be alive. After the loss of his mother, a several day stint in the hospital due to stroke and a run in with the FBI leading to a week in Fulton County jail, the self in-itself screamed at itself that it was time he quit his job, sit in his room, look around, log in to Gmail and Rejoice!

saw release via Friend Club Records on March 10. The first single, “Fulton County Jail Blues” hit streaming. Listen to it here.

Of the track, Tuned Up says, “The track finds a crisp drum beat carrying layers of spindly acoustics and bristling slide guitar as Green’s double-tracked voice offers an unhurried recounting of his time in jail and the distant plans for what he’ll do with his freedom.”

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