The High Water Marks Announces Its Third Album In Three Years: “Your Next Wolf,” Out June 9 Via Minty Fresh

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Grøa, Norway
The High Water Marks announces its third album in three years: “Your Next Wolf” out June 9 via Minty Fresh
Band led by Hilarie Sidney (Elephant 6 Recording Co., The Apples In Stereo) says on-repeat rocker is a response to living next to potential nuclear threat.

The High Water Marks (L-R): Per Ole Bratset, Hilarie Sidney, Øystein Megård, Logan Miller.
Photo credit: Photograph by Amanda Burford. Illustration by Per Ole Bratset.
Your Next Wolf  is scheduled for release via the Chicago-based label Minty Fresh on June 9, 2023.
Sidney is best-known as the sole female co-founder of the revered Elephant 6 Recording Co. (recently the subject of a festival circuit documentary and best-selling book) and former drummer and co-founder of The Apples In Stereo, one of the collective’s cornerstone bands (along with Neutral Milk Hotel and Olivia Tremor Control.)
Sidney continues, “We aren’t a political band, but politics affects us all. 2022 was an insane year over here in Europe with the Ukraine war. In Norway, we border Russia (our trouble from the north and east) and especially in the beginning, there were a few times we thought there was a nuclear threat.
“People are angry and scared. We just want to see everyone calm down and enjoy what we have. Our little blip of time in this world should be marked with what we did to spread joy, what we did to help and what we did to try to make a difference in ourselves and the people around us.
“It’s been crazy. Right after the war started, there was an attack on a nuclear facility in Ukraine. Then, Russia started talking about using nuclear weapons. Norway’s national guard inspected every single bomb shelter in the country to see if they were up to code and repair/replace anything needed. It was really scary!”
The High Water Marks | In The Press

“An earworm melody.” — Brooklyn Vegan
“Clock-stopping, pulse-raising mega-pop.” — UNCUT
“Sugar-coated melodies to spare.” — Pitchfork
“Catchy, high-energy… garage pop for the masses.” — PASTE
“An irresistible power pop gem.” — Under The Radar
“Undeniably sunny.” — Westword (Denver)
“Post-punk grit and wistful psychedelia.” — MAGNET
“Exquisitely crafted.” — PopMatters

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