Movie Jail Emerges From “Weird Musical Hinterlands” That Gave Us Slint, Cage The Elephant With Kinetic, Jittery Post-Jazz Debut EP, Out Now

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Lexington, KY

Movie Jail emerges from “weird musical hinterlands” that gave us Slint, Cage The Elephant with kinetic, jittery post-jazz debut EP, out now.

All tracks mixed by John McEntire of Tortoise, featuring McEntire’s own vibraphone accompaniment; “Call The Neighbors” single, out now.


Movie Jail (L-R) Kim Conlee, Nick Coleman, Dave Cobb, Austin Wilkerson and Thomas Sinclair as photographed by Nick Thelen.

Movie Jail
Self-Titled EP
(Desperate Spirits Records)
March 3, 2023

Track Listing:
01. Stop At The Mark
02. Call The Neighbors
03. Porous Rock
04. Ship Dream
05. New Way To Walk
Movie Jail | Live
03/31/2023: Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet
Movie Jail | About

“Movie Jail” is a phrase referring to unspoken sanctions imposed on a director after a career failure or refusal to join a lucrative project. One might assume a band bearing this name has rejected entertainment for its own sake, but the truth is a bit more complicated. Despite a noisy veneer, Movie Jail finds its center in an unabashed love of hooks, melodies, and solid grooves.
From the weird musical hinterlands that gave the world SlintHair Police and Cage The Elephant, the Lexington, Kentucky-based five-piece Movie Jail offers further proof that college towns can provide fertile creative ground.
The group released its self-titled debut EP on March 3, 2023 via Desperate Spirits Records. Mixed by John McEntire of Tortoise and featuring McEntire’s own vibraphone as accompaniment, the record brings to mind a post-rock band hired to play an airport lounge, trying to reconstruct decades of pop music based on memory alone.
Movie Jail is just as likely to cycle through secondhand jazz chords as to careen headlong into jittery new wave territory. The band’s first single, “Call The Neighbors,” captures all these contradictions, opening with a volley of strident guitar and lyrical jabs at the bootstrap generation but secretly hoping to retreat to a hotel room for drinks and an afternoon nap.
According to the members of Movie Jail“Call The Neighbors” is about “the tension between a generation that views work as inherently valuable and those who see it as a means to an end. It’s a song about the joy of making questionable decisions i.e. ‘making snow angels in the middle of the road,’ as the song’s opening line suggests.”
The debut self-titled EP by Lexington-based Movie Jail arrived March 3, 2023 preceded by the single and video “Call The Neighbors” on Feb. 17.
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