Nick Kizirnis Debuts New Post-Rock Acoustic Collaboration Project, Quiet Signals, Featuring Cellist Kate Wakefield Of Lung

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Nick Kizirnis debuts new post-rock acoustic collaboration project, Quiet Signals, featuring cellist Kate Wakefield of Lung

Photo by Jen Hunter

Dayton, Ohio-based guitarist Nick Kizirnis’ new post-rock instrumental project, Quiet Signals, places his reverb-drenched guitar playing in an entirely new setting of ambient acoustic guitars and gorgeous cellos and the sounds of the pandemic lurking and disrupting, creating moods and moments that are both soothing and unsettling. 

While Nick Kizirnis is best known for his work with Midwest surf rock trio The Mulchmen, he has also leant his distinctly haunted guitar style to many other artists’ recordings including The Breeders, Tobin Sprout and Robert Pollard and most recently on his own The Distance recorded with Son Volt’s Mark Patterson and Lung’s Kate Wakefield.

His Quiet Signals was recorded virtually over two years during lockdown by Kizirnis in collaboration with Kate Wakefield of Lung. As the two sent tracks back and forth, the original acoustic ballads they started with began developing their own unique moods and ambience until they had an album that documented the journey through the wilderness and isolation of that time.

Quiet Signals saw release on CD and digital on BandCamp as well as all streaming platforms on Feb 17 along with a music video and a live acoustic performance of the album on Feb 19 at Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton, Ohio.

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