Graduation Speech Releases “Burn Eternal” Single

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Graduation Speech “Burn Eternal” Single

Last May, Graduation Speech released Controlled Burn – a tender and introspective five-song EP by the New Jersey native. The songs were quiet, reflective and felt like the other side of the coin from the angsty output by Kevin Day’s indie-punk outfit Aspiga. Graduation Speech releases a single titled “Burn Eternal” that is a continuation of the mood of Controlled Burn, but feels even more personal. “Burn Eternal is one of those lightning in a bottle moments where the song just seemed to come together so quickly and naturally. The entire song was written and recorded in a matter of hours. It feels a little more personal for me as well, because I recorded the track myself on my phone.” – Kevin Day.  Graduation Speech has once again teamed up with indie label, Jetsam-Flotsam, for the release of “Burn Eternal“, which is available now on all of your preferred digital platforms.



Day, who also fronts the pop-punk band Aspiga, has always considered Graduation Speech a solo project and his previous releases demonstrate this. 2017’s Quiet and Calm features just Day with his acoustic playing spacious, somber songs; on 2019’s Maintenance Required, he adds additional layers—streaks of guitars, daubs of piano, percussive textures—but the final result still feels like a solo album. 2021’s Private Anxieties, shows the project shedding that designation; though the songs still center around Day’s acoustic guitar, a full band is brought into the fold, transforming these emotional, intimate songs into something more alive. Controlled Burn is the fourth EP under the Graduation Speech moniker and leans heavily on the singer-songwriter approach. 

FFO: Matt Pryor, John K. Samson, Sundowner, Dashboard Confessional

Release Date: January 13th, 2023
Label: Jetsam-Flotsam
Formats: Digital
Graduation Speech: Bandcamp | Instagram | Linktree | Twitter
Jetsam-Flotsam: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Album Credits:
Kevin Day – Guitar and vocals.
Recorded & Mixed by Kevin Day
Mastered by David Downham. 

Album Art:
Dane Erbach

Press Photo:
Julie Day

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