Oceans In The Sky Share “Take Me Home” From ‘Parallels’ Album

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Oceans in the Sky share “Take Me Home” from Parallels album

Oceans in the Sky’s latest single hit streaming. “Take Me Home” is the final single from Oceans in the Sky’s Parallels album, which saw release on January 13 via Heading East Records, the label of Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday, Breaking Pangaea, The Color Fred).

Tuned Up premiered the song on January 3 saying, “the track starts quietly and builds with an urgent energy reminiscent of ’00s acts that straddled the line between emo and punk, like Fall Out Boy, The Ataris and Taking Back Sunday.”

Oceans in the Sky (formerly known as Mugen) is Liam Frost’s high-energy solo project that began in 2013 with the release of his debut EP, Sparks. Since then, he has released singles, played solo and full band shows in China, Taiwan and the U.S. and performed on TV and radio shows in Taiwan.

Back in New York City, Frost has assembled a band of all-stars (Connor Frost, Joe Anderson and Wonjoon Jang) to support his live show and toured the U.S. in January 2023.

Parallels spans countless genres with multilingual lyrics and catchy pop melodies, but a punk energy throughout. Lyrically, the theme is no matter which side of the world Frost is on, he is looking for a sense of belonging. Musically, being biracial and multilingual/cultural, he sees parallels in Eastern and Western music and connects them.

“Take Me Home” is the first track off Oceans in the Sky’s debut album and for good reason. Produced by Jon Markson (Drug Church, Can’t Swim) and Liam Frost (Oceans in the Sky), the song starts off like a standard punk ballad, an expletive followed by pretty fingerpicking and tender vocals. Suddenly, it explodes at the 50 second mark with a soaring punk chorus and catchy guitar riff. The song is a true pop punk/emo banger that keeps climbing in energy, ending in an epic outro with dueling vocals between the Frost brothers, a full-on adventure in under four minutes.

Markson’s production and mixing work is reminiscent of a Jerry Finn mix with a massive wall of guitars, catchy hooks and synths laid delicately underneath lifting the energy to astronomical heights. Frost works in some more Eastern elements, with J-rock riffs played throughout. Lyrically, he tells the story of his grandfather’s journey during wartime from Japan back to Taiwan, singing at the top of his lungs with the ultimate message that all we can do is carry on.

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