Great Time Invite You Into Their Soundscape On New Album ‘Live In Philadelphia,’ Out Now

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Great Time Invite You Into Their Soundscape On New Album Live in Philadelphia, Out Now
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Philadelphia, PA –  Great Time doesn’t want to fit in a box. Living up to their name, the band just wants to have a great time making music that they love. Tired of being advised to “pick a lane” by some of their industry peers, Great time set out to create music that celebrates their wide-ranging sound, incorporating genres from synth-pop and electronic to jazz, punk, rock and R&B. 

Their most recent releases are a series of EPs titled “Sounds Like ____.” The band had the idea to turn the EP titles into a Mad Libs type of game, “so that someone could put their own adjective or descriptor for the EP in the blank space,” explains singer/multi-instrumentalist Jill Ryan. The projects explore some of the different sounds and styles that influence Great Time. “Some people thought [our 2018 debut LP] ‘Great Album’ was all over the place, so with the ‘Sounds Like’ series, we decided to lean even further into our multi-genre tendencies and place the option of categorizing or putting us in a box on the listener.” 

True to their vision, each EP carries a different sound. On Vol. 1, Great Time create a blissed out atmosphere, with R&B and neo-soul melodies. For Vol. 2, the band zones in on its electronic and pop influences, creating a livelier soundscape that feels ripe for dancing. Whereas Vol. 3 shows a guitar-heavy, more traditionally rock-influenced side to the three-piece group, with individual tracks ranging from punk to acoustic folk.  

With their “Sounds Like _____” EP series completed, Great Time‘s next project is a live album that features the new material, allowing existing fans and new listeners who haven’t had the opportunity to see them perform yet enjoy how the band stunningly transforms their songs for live performances.  

Great Time are beyond excited to welcome you into their world on album “Live in Philadelphia,” out now! 

Here’s what they had to say about it: “Our live show can sound like our recorded music at times, but the nature of how we produce in the studio means we need to do a certain amount of adapting for the live show, so we usually end up with versions of the songs that sound close enough to the originals, but with their own unique spin. It’ll be nice to have these live versions out so people can have a better sense of what to expect when they come see us in person. Every show is a little bit different and capturing this performance in Philadelphia was important to us. We were joined by Philly horn section Snacktime, keyboard wizard Corey Bernhard and our long time friend and collaborator Mike Haldeman on guitar.” 

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