Seattle-Based Singer/Songwriter/Classically-Trained Cellist Jeremiah Moon Debuts New Music Video “Housesitting”

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Seattle-Based Singer/Songwriter/Classically-Trained Cellist Jeremiah Moon Debuts New Music Video “Housesitting”

Debut EP ‘Sputnik’ Out Now

WA EP release show on April 2 added!
Stream The “Housesitting” Video Here
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For Fans of Elliott Smith, Father John Misty, Sufjan Stevens
Seattle-based singer/songwriter/classically-trained cellist and illustrator Jeremiah Moon is debuting a new Brent Driscoll-directed music video for “Housesitting” a track off his debut EP ‘Sputnik,’ out now via Enci Records (The Joy Formidable, Beach Goons, Fences).

Stream the “Housesitting” video here:

In regards to the track, Jeremiah says, “‘Housesitting’ is a song about the moment when a relationship starts to end. Not about love ending, but about things growing apart; a fork in the road turning into a chapter heading. It’s about the strange truth that sometimes it’s easier to see clearly and feel deeply — even, or maybe especially the good parts — once you’ve already made up your mind to leave.”

Of the video, he adds, “Brent and I shot this video at a friend’s treasured family beach house out in the San Juan Islands. We wanted to capture the eerie feeling of being in a stranger’s house – a home, saturated with years of memories that aren’t your own. Your ears become very attentive to small sounds: the refrigerator kicking in, the low hiss of the rain, pipes running beneath the floorboards. The feeling, not of a presence, but an absence so palpable, you can almost taste it. Alone, but not alone – make yourself at home.”

Stream ‘Sputnik’ here:
Praise for Jeremiah Moon’s ‘Sputnik’

“Delicate and wavering vocals over tense quick strummed cello start the track off, but the track’s beauty can be found in the chorus with its magical mixture of swirling noises and haunting cello. Moon’s frankly gorgeous vocals go straight to your heart, making this a gorgeous track that shouldn’t be missed.”- Backseat Mafia

“…touching on topics like mental health and mortality with a grounded elegance, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. There’s an honesty and vulnerability in his lyrics that sets him apart and gorgeously complements his cello playing.”- The Honeypop

“A brand of experimental Pop filtered through the sensibilities of a cellist.”- Wildfire Music + News

“…this debut EP demonstrates an artist still in thrall to his influences (Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens and Nick Cave) but also one whose songwriting ability lifts him out of the ‘also-ran’ category and into ‘one to watch’ terrain…utterly sublime.”- The Pensive Quill

“Cello based with pained vocals, simple sparse instrumentation. This is delicate, intricate, winter music. For me, this is just a perfect slice of folk, in the true sense…passionate, sometimes elusive…a construction that few performers seem able to attain.”- Outside Left

“With his new EP ‘Sputnik’ and his new single “Sugarbrain,” it should be easy to hear why he could be the next big thing.”- Closed Captioned

“Jeremiah Moon is a genius. An EP that is other worldly.” – The Whole Kameese

“…serene, sacred and solemn.. carefully crafted mix of restrained rhythms and chamber pop string progressions deliver a subtle baroque arrangement that conjures a sense of cabin essence, setting the tone for a reflective work on the meaningfulness of others that reaches outward from the confines of home.”- Week In Pop

“With his cello playing bringing the required atmosphere, “Kinds Of Light” is the new single from Seattle-based Jeremiah Moon. A stylistic meeting place between Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens, there’s both sophistication and songcraft here.”- Songwriting Magazine

“Somehow more pop and also more experimental than you would expect from a classically trained cellist.”- If It’s Too Loud
Photo: @meganmacbrady / Cover Design: @jer.moon
The ‘Sputnik’ EP was recorded with friend and producer Adam Black in a remote cabin in Florence, OR. “We laid down the main tracks during this time and pieced together the rest of the EP and arrangements over the next couple of years,” explains Jeremiah.

Moon’s music bears the mark of the musicians that inspired it, channeling the energy of a diverse list of influences that range from Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Thom Yorke, Blake Mills, Sufjan Stevens, Claude Debussy, and Nick Cave, to Mahler, Dvorak, Stravinsky, Ravel and the poetry of Christian Wiman, all while simultaneously carving its own path.

The son of a classically trained violinist mother, Moon would start taking cello lessons at age 7, playing music (solo, chamber music and orchestra) all through high school.

After graduating, Moon studied cello performance at Boston University. He recalls, “I started writing my first songs when I was home on summer vacations.”

In 2013, Jeremiah moved to Seattle and started accompanying guitarists for live shows and recording sessions, as well as working on his illustration skills and building a portfolio of his work. He says, “I started seriously working on songwriting in 2018 after being challenged by a friend to take myself more seriously as an artist. The 5 songs on my EP were a direct result of the momentum from this burst of inspiration.”

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