Pennsylvanian Heavymetallers Mobchild Are Back With ‘The Dark Chronicles’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Vlad Promotion*

Pennsylvanian heavymetallers MOBCHILD are back with ‘The Dark Chronicles’

Mobchild was formed in the fall of 1993 after founder Mike Kearns released his solo project “In Calm Before The Storm…”. Fall of 1993, the band was approached to record a song for an European compilation “NEMC:1.” The band started to record “Ships at Sea” for the compilation when bassist George Allen left the group. The band recruited Trent Reznor’s cousin Dave Brown to record the bass track and join the band.

In 1997, the band was signed for a full release “Gothic Opera” by the label Azra International. The band fell apart though after the guitarist was forced to move to Ohio.

Mobchild reunited in 2017 and now their 6-song EP, “The Dark Chronicles” is out on CD! Consisting of newly written songs, it’s a piece of strong heavy metal with charismatic vocals.

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