Riches Release New Single “Shadow Of You”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Riches*

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The Riches project is the soundtrack to an imaginary folk horror film about the cult of the Creative Entity. Each song is a scene detailing one aspect of its devotional life.

Our new single, “Shadow of You,” represents the scene of a slow motion, psychedelic maypole ritual celebrating the entity/demon Creation.

It loops, warps, drags and reverses beauty and danger round and round.

It serenades the thrall of the gorgeous, intoxicating and potentially self-destructive compulsion of making art. 
 With “Shadow of You,” we were after a swoony longing with a touch of fear.

It is sung from a particularly fragile part of Catherine‘s vocal range to bring vulnerability to the exalted state of the ever turning/unending ritual and it is pitched to alter, confuse and soothe – like looking directly into the sun.

Thank you for listening,
Catherine McCandless and Wynn Holmes of Riches

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