Alt Rocker Moon Walker Shares Sophomore LP ‘The Attack Of Mirrors,’ Out Now

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Artwork credit: Madison McConnell  
“Fuzzed-out ’70s-inspired, politically charged rock music with a sound akin to the White Stripes.”
“The band’s raw sound is both fresh and nostalgic. Perfect for a big stage, sometimes it even feels like they’re performing at a festival. “
“Envision a beautiful marriage between The White Stripes, The Talking Heads, even Wild Cherry..The better part of ’70s classic rock and funk mixed with modern-day alternative rock.”
Photo credit: Madison McConnell
Brooklyn-based alt-rocker Moon Walker shares his electrifying sophomore LP The Attack Of Mirrors, out everywhere now, including a limited run on vinyl available now. Along with the full length album comes a new soaring single and video, “Nothing Can Save Me (From Myself).” 

Moon Walker’s highly anticipated, biting sophomore album, The Attack Of Mirrors, finds the musician elevate his nostalgic, alternative garage rock sound over 10 eclectic tracks. Springer expands on the poignant, timely lyrics and the thrashing garage rock sound that made his first offering such a success, while also introducing multiple new elements into the fold. With his second LP, Moon Walker reflects on the various effects the pandemic had on his life, and took a hard look in the mirror. Moon Walker explains, “Making this record was really my way of navigating through the pandemic. In addition to the emotional havoc that was wreaked on the vast majority of human beings, I felt like my career was reaching a dead end. My band was breaking up, jobs weren’t easy to come by, my first solo record hadn’t yet seen any success and my future felt more uncertain than it ever had before. When so little in life is going your way, it’s easy to start hating what you see in the mirror. And when you hate what you see in the mirror, you tend to put a lot of hatred into the world.”

Beginning to grow increasingly disillusioned, Moon Walker continues, “Plus, the political climate was unbelievably volatile. I think that the mixture of being deprived of social interaction for several years and watching so many absolutely vile ideologies rise to the surface left me feeling extremely alienated. It’s difficult to have any desire to rejoin a society that is genuinely divided on issues like anti-LGBT legislation and misogynistic Supreme Court rulings. I wonder if so many people would so proudly advocate for hatred, segregation and oppression if they learned to stop hating what they saw in the mirror.” 

Recalling his 2021 debut album, Moon Walker says, “On ‘Truth to Power,’ I really just played to my strengths,” Moon Walker says. “Write a guitar riff, a bassline and drum part and double the guitar. I approached things the way you would on an eight-track, when you’ve got limited resources and limited space.” Where Truth to Power may have employed a “less is more” ideology, The Attack of Mirrors sees Springer favoring a more experimental, maximalist approach. The results are an undeniably exciting, thought-provoking and well-rounded record that will be as rewarding to hear for the 100th time as it will be on a first listen.

“Nothing Can Save Me (From Myself),” the latest single from the album, is Moon Walker’s favorite song he’s ever written, though it’s hard for him to listen to now. Moon Walker admits, “I made the song at my absolute lowest point and, had I not made the song, I’m not sure I could’ve convinced myself that I was good enough to keep going. It’s always a great feeling when you can surprise yourself.” 

Its accompanying video shows Moon Walker alone on a sprawling golf course, confronting his innermost thoughts in his rawest form to date. The visual matches the track in its magnitude–monumental, vast and vulnerable–with its captivating, expansive guitar solo and crashing drums that feel like the most fitting grand finale to the 10-track body of work.

Watch: “Nothing Can Save Me (From Myself)” 

The release of the full album follows the previously shared hard-hitting, provocative singles “Turn Off This Song (Before It Takes Your Soul),” “The Stolen City” “Pins & Needles,” “The Price of Life Itself” and I’m Afraid I’ll Go To Heaven.”

Most recently, Moon Walker shared “Turn Off This Song (Before It Takes Your Soul)” which opens with a groovy bassline with fuzzy vocals that meld into powerful, dark societal commentary, critiquing everything from capitalism, to the distrust of media, to the hyper-surveilled, hyper-policed place the U.S. has become–with a dystopian video to go with it. It’s a song that sonically and lyrically Moon Walker feels best represents his music and message as a whole, aptly embodying the narrative of the sophomore effort.

Over shredding guitar riffs, distorted vocals and a haunting backing instrumental, “The Stolen City” confronts the hidden histories of modern American cities that are quick to stamp out their true, often dark, history and culture in place of a more polished, idyllic facade. Equipped with a true fearlessness and a deep desire to confront harsh realities embedded in society, each of the musician’s spirited releases continue to elevate his sound and cement his message.

The angsty “Pins & Needles” sees Moon Walker fight against the pervasive feelings of comparison and the disillusionment that comes with feeling stuck. He aims to keep himself afloat while seemingly everyone else is moving faster and achieving more, along with its accompanying video where viewers are invited through an empty NYC subway car.

Plunging into more weighty subject matter, “The Price Of Life Itself” grapples with the deeply flawed structures that lay at the foundation of American society. Through reverberated vocals and grainy electric guitar, the track came about when the artist saw a militarized police response to an entirely peaceful protest with his own eyes in the midst of the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations. With the ethos of the track shown in the concluding lines, “We can stay above the water, while still lending a hand to those who sink / The price of life itself.” The track’s accompanying video brings viewers into a sinking rabbit hole à la Alice in Wonderland, available to view here.

The dark, synthy lead single “I’m Afraid I’ll Go To Heaven” is a bold look at religion as it pertains to the modern political system and like much of Moon Walker’s music, strikes a balance between sarcasm and sincerity. Watch the accompanying surreal, The Shining-inspired video here. The commanding track has proven to be a fan-favorite as it’s garnered over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

Formed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Harry Springer created Moon Walker initially as a way to pass time and make extra money through selling songs to sound libraries. Today, Springer composes, produces and performs under the moniker after Moon Walker’s debut album, Truth to Power, turned the heads of several tastemakers and garnered millions of streams on Spotify.

Westword called Moon Walker’s work, “Fuzzed-out 70’s rock bliss…politically charged rock music with a sound akin to the White Stripes. Lyrically, the songs are confrontational and sarcastic.” New Noise Magazine encouraged listeners to, “Envision a beautiful marriage between The White Stripes, The Talking Heads, even Wild Cherry…there’s a depth to Moon Walker’s music fueled by an old-soul feeling.”

Moon Walker’s thrilling, explosive sophomore LP The Attack f Mirrors is out everywhere now, including a limited run on vinyl here. The latest collection brings the rocker to new heights with mesmerizing instrumentation and scathing lyricism as he peels back the deeply flawed layers of American society. Plus, the raw and transcendent track and video for “Nothing Can Save Me (From Myself)” is out now. Keep up with the rising rocker on TikTokInstagram and Facebook.

Photo credit: Madison McConnell 
Artwork credit: Madison McConnell  
The Attack of Mirrors Tracklisting (LP)

01. We Don’t Make Decisions
02. Doombox
03. Turn Off This Song (Before It Takes Your Soul)
04. The Stolen City
05. Varsity Blues
06. I’m Afraid I’ll Go To Heaven
07. All The Rats
08. The Price Of Life Itself
09. Pins & Needles
10. Nothing Can Save Me (From Myself)
Moon Walker Bio:

Harry Springer may compose, produce and perform all of Moon Walker’s music in his bedroom, but the electrifying and uniquely eclectic sound undeniably feels more fitting for a stadium. 

When Springer formed Moon Walker at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, he was merely looking for a way to pass time and make some extra money selling songs to music libraries. “I sold some and it was going fine, but then I wrote some songs and I was like, ‘I really don’t want to give these ones away.” Those songs that Springer just couldn’t part with ended up becoming his critically acclaimed debut record Truth to Power. Thanks to sudden viral success on TikTok and praise from the likes of The Darkness’s Justin Hawkins, the 7-track album quickly established Moon Walker as one of rock’s most promising acts. Less than a year later, Springer is back with his sophomore effort The Attack of Mirrors.
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