Dark Side Of Light Drops New Single “Hit Repeat”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Dark Side Of Light*


(Los Angeles) – After a dizzying first year of existence and a much-needed break, pandemic-birthed, Psych-Pop Indie duo, Dark Side Of Light drops their latest single, “Hit Repeat” on all streaming platforms.  Lead Singer Nik Frost confirmed that, as with all their other single releases to date, an original music video will follow this release, slated to drop in January.

“You gotta understand, we created this entire band in a vacuum,” Frost says. “We had all the pieces in place to make our music explode and we had major heat.  Then BAM, the pandemic wiped us out. Our manager literally called me up and said, ‘It’s over.’ I was like, ‘What do you mean it’s over? What’s over? He said, ‘Everything. It’s all over. The Record Deal. The agent. Have you gone shopping?’ he asked. ‘You need to go shopping, then call me back.’ Next thing I know, I’m pushing a cart past empty shelves and there’s no food anywhere in the supermarket, it was horrifying. I thought I was in a scene from a zombie movie as I sat there ready for the world to fall apart. Then, when it didn’t, I had to figure out how to be a performing artist in a world where I was no longer allowed to perform. It fucking sucked for us as artists, but we have to create. We don’t do this for the money, trust me. When you take away live shows there is, literally, no path for us to move forward. After the dust kind of settled and I actually felt like creating again, I called up Grant Conway, one of my favorite producers and a great drummer and said, ‘Hey man, you wanna work on some music?’ We’d messed around on music projects together in the past and had some stuff we’d worked on previously that had just kind of died on the vine, so we started there. Operating completely in the dark with no industry and no guidance, we started hammering away at ideas and that’s what Dark Side Of Light became. DSOL is Grant and I finding a way to make music and shine a light in the darkness.”

With “Hit Repeat,” Frost and Conway, yet again, explore new sounds and themes, with no two songs on their debut EP ever sounding stale or too genre specific.

Frost goes on to say, ”’Hit Repeat’ is a kind of Song of Solomon – it’s a musical homage to these bible passages, which are essentially sexual poetry.  It started off as a sexual poem.  The lyrics explicitly describe overtly sexual metaphors:

‘Crack the egg, run it down your crown

There is no draught, let the water run down.’”

Grant Conway, drummer and co-producer, jumps in to add quickly, “But this is 2022, we’re not doing that old male-dominated, patriarchal, misogynistic take on sex, we are all too familiar with in pop culture. We are evolving, as men and as a species, we are getting in touch with our ancient, indigenous and matrilineal roots, so this is a loving take on sex – love the person you’re having sex with. Not cynical. This is about caring for someone, not just getting laid or whatever, you know?”

Frost adds, “A lot of the musical representations of sex, right now, are very cynical. ‘Wet Ass Pussy’ is probably the biggest song in recent years, but that is a strong, Afro-Hispanic, empowered female voice taking back those words and shout-out to Cardi B for killing it, but we are past that at the end of the day. It’s not our place to talk about ‘Wet Ass Pussy’ anymore and I would say it never was.”

“It didn’t feel right anymore to write a song from that perspective, being gratuitous about sex for the sake of it,” Conway agreed. “We needed to dig deep and just like with our last single, ‘Pull My Strings,’ I think, if you as a man haven’t become more in touch with your feminine side in the last 5-10 years, then you just haven’t been paying attention. We are clearly going through big changes on this planet regarding gender norms, confronting the kind of toxic masculinity inherent in a society that aggrandized and rewarded that macho/male archetype for decades, centuries even. And, if you can’t tell the times are a changin’, well, you’re gonna be lost and unredeemable soon.”

“…Well, we are just focused on ourselves, you know?” Frost finished the thought. “This record was about two fragmented, isolated dudes alone with their feelings for a year, watching the world seemingly fall apart, their industry crumble, literally overnight and having to deal with it the only way we knew how, by writing music. A lot of men chose to go the opposite way, they reverted to chauvinism, to bullshit like MAGA. We chose to read the room and try to evolve our sound and our lyrics to reflect the paradigm shift we believe is fully underway. This is unprecedented stuff in our lifetimes, by the way and not to be taken lightly. Are you gonna be drowning in the age of Aquarius, or rising to the changing tide? This is as exciting a time to be alive as ever. Is it confusing? Scary? Volatile? Yeah, just like all the other amazing and awesome times to be alive. At the end of the day, we, as artists, are not here to write history or make history, but to document and reflect on it. And then, we do it again and again and again. Hit Repeat. Get it?”

Nik Frost and Grant Conway are planning their first live shows together as Dark Side Of Light in Los Angeles in the coming year, continuing and expanding on the journey they started in 2020. One thing is for certain, although it may have started as a pandemic experiment, Dark Side Of Light is here to stay and a force to be reckoned with, on the up and coming indie music circuit.

Spotify Pre-Save Link:  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/darksideoflight/hit-repeat 

Website: https://www.darksideoflightband.com

YT: https://youtube.com/darksideoflightband 

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IG: https://www.instagram.com/darksideoflightband

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dsol2020

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