KRANG (CZ) Release New Album ‘Make Arcade Great Again’

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Krang (CZ) release new album ‘Make Arcade Great Again

‘Make Arcade Great Again’ was released on April 9, 2021 on SBÄM Records, first single released on February 19, 2021.


Artist: Krang

Release: Make Arcade Great Again


Date: 9.04.2021


Label: SBÄM Records, Soundspeed Records


Distributor: SBÄM Records



Skatepunk is known to be both fun and serious. Czech Republic’s newest export in terms of technically well-written 90s punk and fun pop-culture references announced their third record. Krang’s “Make Arcade Great Again” was released via SBÄM Records in April 2021.

Krang was founded in 2014 in the depth of Czech Republic by four friends following their heroes: Millencolin, Descendents and Bad Religion. Starting off as a fun punk project, Krang soon realized there was way more to it. The first EP that was a huge success with their viral music video for “OK USA!” which was about the Jean Claud Van Damme movie “Bloodsport” and has been shared by the world-famous actor on social media, actually. After maniacally touring through Europe, Mexico, Central America, Israel, Japan and USA, the band was chosen to support punk rock legends Useless ID on their next tour. High celebration of the international press in punk rock and a sponsorship by Vans are two warmly welcomed side effects of their recent success!

The first single “Time Is Ticking” was released on 19th February, 2021!




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