French Space/Fuzz/Ambient/Synth/Post-Everything/Noise One-Man Band L’Orchidée Cosmique Streams New Single “La Corde Sensible”

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French Space/fuzz/ambient/synth/post-everything/noise One-Man-Band L’Orchidée Cosmique streamed new single “La Corde Sensible”

Available on Digital exclusive + Live Video in addition to the release of a Limited Live Recordings Tape.
About 2 years after the official release of the EP ‘M87*,’ French Space-Noise Ambient/Synth/Fuzz-Post-Everything one-man-band L’Orchidée Cosmique aka Flo P. (bass/fuzz/synth/looper) shared a brand new single called “La Corde Sensible” and live video session, available on both Bandcamp and YouTube platforms.

In addition to this new single, L’OC also released a Live Recordings Compilation, called ‘Tape Live’ and available right now on limited tape edition through Stellar Frequencies label/creative platform
 Stream/Download the single “La Corde Sensible” 
 Watch the live video session for “La Corde Sensible” 
 About ‘Tape Live’

This is a compilation of live tracks recorded between 2020 and 2021.

Remixed and put through “ice reverb” for wide opened stereo sound. 50 units, direct printing on cassette tape, colored case and stickers. 
 Buy ‘Tape Live’ on Limited Tape Edition 
 …For the record…

It has been since the end of 2015 that the one-man band, L’Orchidée Cosmique makes gravitating riffs in orbit around planet Earth. Alone on board, Flo distills with its bass, its synth and its pedals of effects a musical mix that calls as much for the peaceful trips in weightlessness as for the rough landings of fortune.

A flight plan between Mogwai’s leaded post-rock, the Sonic Youth noise emergency or A Place To Bury Strangers and the magnetic fuzz of Torche. Pieces sometimes complex, often tortuous, but on arrival always accessible music.

FFO : between A Place To Bury Strangers and Boards Of Canada passing through Aphex TwinMogwai and Torche

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