Ben Folds Explains His Song “Fred Jones Pt. 2”

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Ben Folds Explains His Song “Fred Jones Pt. 2”

In this Window Into An Artist film, Ben Folds opens up about songwriting and the impact of this “hero” losing his job. The Editor of a local paper was the inspiration behind Ben’s hit song, “Fred Jones, Part 2.”

On his songwriting process: “What I do is I write something that feels right. It’s a minefield of dead ends. Just syllables, rhymes, a happy sound over an unhappy lyric. You maneuver yourself around and you get caught in the maze of, ‘How do I make this feel right?’ Then, it feels right. Basically I ran in the maze and then I throw it out there to other people and they can feel what they want to out of it.”

Known for his genre-bending music, singer Ben Folds is an outspoken champion for arts education and music therapy funding in our nation’s public schools. In the previous installment of Windows Into An Artist feature from Window Music—a live music web series created by Raleigh, NC based video agency Myriad—Folds performs a few favorites from his past albums, “Rockin the Suburbs” and “Whatever and Ever Amen.” This set was filmed at Osceola Recording Studios, in support of Keys for Kids.
About Window Music and Windows Into an Artist:

Window Into An Artist is a short-format web series that gets into the mind of a musician, diving deep into cultural and social justice topics that inspire their work. It fits within the Window Music brand.

Window Music is a Myriad Originals music web series where performers perform their music and discuss its meaning. Windows to a bustling city street provide the backdrop to the live music series set in Downtown Raleigh. The mission is to highlight Raleigh—who has both a thriving local music scene and a variety of world class music festivals—as a music destination. Each episode features a touring musician or band performing an intimate set to a small audience.

About Myriad:

Myriad is a Raleigh, NC based video agency that makes videos make a difference. Adding an emphasis on technology and social impact, Myriad sees creativity as a force for good and video as the language it speaks in. Myriad Originals are emotionally provocative films that inspire action. They are the stories of kindness and conflict, passion and conviction, escape, survival and belonging, told by the people at the heart of the narratives.

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