Austin, TX One-Man Band Ne’er-do-well Releases Debut EP ‘Fun Days’

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Austin, TX One-Man Band Ne’er-do-well Releases Debut EP ‘Fun Days’
Stream the “Fun Days” EP Here
“…a superb showcase of a versatile one-man band, dropping massive hooks against a variety of equally massive riffs on a short rollercoaster journey that never sells the listener short.”- Real Gone

“It’s like Bryan Rolli sat down and said I’m going to take a little bit of 80’s metal and little bit of 90’s pop punk and make it my own original masterpiece. Mission Accomplished.”- The Whole Kameese

“The first single, “Compromise,” from Ne’er-do-well’s debut EP ‘Fun Days’ does what it should, when it should and how it should. Mildly reminiscent of Fall Out Boy, I dig the way they aptly bulldozed their own sonic plot of land.”- Up To Hear Music
Austin, TX’s Ne’er-do-well (the moniker for one-man band Bryan Rolli) has released the debut EP ‘Fun Days,’ which is now streaming everywhere.

Stream “Fun Days” here:

Produced by Kieran Krebs of Overcast Recordings, the five-song EP is a wry, raucous love letter to the people, places and sounds that made Rolli the person and artist he is today.
Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 3.43.28 PM
Bryan Rolli of Ne’er-do-well (Photo credit: TLC Photography)
Photo: TLC Photography

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